Kay Swimming – Day 4 – Fall in Love of Swimming Again!

Date:  Oct 2, 2013

Today is the 4th consecutive days we brought Kay Kay down for swimming.

Remember, when they have the interest, while their interest is still red hot, you must favour that interest by all means.


The more time he goes down to practise swimming.  The more he will be less afraid of water.


He still likes to hang himself by the pool side.


Initially, still need to hold him.  Later you slowly let go.

Today, mommy taught him how to swim down from the pool side.  Also, trying to examine if he is kicking correctly or not.

As you can see here, the kicking is quite distributed.  Not sure why mommy says he did not kick.  hahaha

Most of the time, he will hold on to his swimming board.  That is the greatest achievement this week.

Also check out the “Hao-Lian” face.  HaHaHaHa… I like.

Another thing he is not afraid doing is water goes into the mouth but not drinking it, and most importantly, not afraid at all now.  Cool!



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