Amazing Benefits of Bananas

Date:  Jul 27, 2013

What I learned today is valuable.  Thanks Google.

1.  Banana is good for woman.  Hahaha  When your girl friends or wife act very moody, you know it is that time.  Buy lots of Banana for them or her.

2.  I did not know that when the banana has a lot of dark patches on the yellow skin, it is actually the best time to eat it as it has TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) which combat abnormal cells.  When I choose banana to eat, I always choose the nice nice skin one.  Actually the skin that is old, dark patches is the one we should eat.  HaHaHaHa

3.  I also don’t know Banana peel (skins) can clean your teeth and whiten it.  HaHaHaHa

Good and amazing info.




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