Taking Airport Link to MRT (Subway) in Bangkok

Date:  May 21, 2013

Most of the time when I visit Bangkok, I am like fly in fly out, light backpack, no luggage.

So, it is important to schedule meetings and schedule your way to the airport.

Taking Taxi/Limousine will always have a risk, so you always end up reaching the Airport more than 2 hours earlier.

What I did is I take the Airport Link from the airport.  (not the Old Airport).

It is located at the basement, and look for RED SIGN to Makkasan.  RED means EXPRESS.  There are two types of train.  NON-EXPRESS and EXPRESS.

The EXPRESS train is non-stop reaching Makkasan station.  It cost 90Baht to take this express train.  It takes about 15 minutes to reach Makkasan.


The NON-EXPRESS train will stop 4 stops before it reach Makkasan.  I takes about slightly less than 25 minutes to reach Makkasan.  But it cost 4 times cheaper, I think.  That is why I think why the locals don’t usually take the express train.  Because it is 4 times more expensive.  As you can see in the picture, The train I am taking around 9 plus at night is almost empty front and back.

The blue color NON-Express train is called City Line Service.

IMG 1855

When you reach Makkasan station, the station is huge and empty.

IMG 1856

Once you reach Makkasan, there is a 3-5 minutes walk from the station to cross the road to Phetchaburi MRT station.  It is just come out from the building, and then walk to the edge, and cross  the road, and the take escalator down to the MRT station.

Of course, you can pay more to get to Phaya Thai Station (next stop to Makkasan) and there it interconnect with BTS sky train.


Once you are in Phetchaburi MRT, you can reach almost any named hotel destinations that you want to go.  Very convenient, and you know you will not miss your flight by taking the MRT.


So, next time when you are in Bangkok, try this!  


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