Good Seafood Restaurant in Bangkok – Sompong

Date:  May 21, 2013

Almost every trip I go to Bangkok, I will stop by this place.

Sompong Seafoods @ Paknam Branch

IMG 1863

Don’t ask me where is it?  Just save these photos and show it to the Taxi Driver.

IMG 1862

All the seafood are nice here.  This is the restaurant.

IMG 1871

A very normal sotong / Squid dish.

IMG 1872

Look carefully, how much roes (eggs) in each squid.  And the sauce is damn nice. 

IMG 1874

A normal steam crab, but the freshness and sweetness in the crab is unbeatable.

IMG 1875

Usually I don’t eat the head.  But here, I cannot resist.  Sorry cholesterol.  hahaha

IMG 1876

Lastly, please save stomach for this fantastic Mango Sticky Rice.  I saw the Auntie mixing the sticky rice, you see the pandan color is so nice and distributed evenly.

IMG 1877

This is my strong recommendation to eat when you are in Bangkok Thailand.

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