TRA Diary – 7 months later

Date:  May 13, 2013

I took the Weight Management program from Nuskin – The Right Approach (TRA) in last October for 3 months.  

During that 3 months, I have lost around 10KG.  I have also build stronger and heavier muscle at the same time.  So, the fat that I have lost must be more than 10KG.  The weight I have before I took the program is around 92KG.  So, after the 3 months course, I was 82KG.

On Sep 22, 2012.  I look like this.  My tummy is round and huge.

IMG 4253

On Oct 6,2012, I look like this.  You can clearly see the double chin, and so on.

Most importantly, I felt very unhealthy.  That is why I determined to take on the TRA program and try to lose some weight.

IMG 4428

During that 3 months time, I made some changes to my life style.  And I reduced 10KG.  

After that, for the last 4 months, I have been practising almost some thing.

1.  I will never skip breakfast and make myself hungry again.  Because hungry stores fat.

2.  I will eat fruits, follow by veggies, follow by meat and lastly carbo at the back.

3.  I eat my fist size fruits, my palm size veggies, my fist size meat, and by the time I reach my carbo, I eat a little lesser than my fist.

4.  I usually have full breakfast.  Means, I eat BBQ chicken in the morning too.  haha

5.  I most of the time, eat light dinner.  Or meal replacement using protein powder milk.

6.  I eat whenever I hungry.  Do not let body hungry.

7.  I eat what I want to eat.  No one can stop me from eating.  Yes, I am eating chicken skin too.  hahaha 

8.  I take supplement such as fat blocker.  When I anticipated I am going to have huge fatty meal.

9.  I take lots of vitamins supplement to counter the radicals that it produced when my muscle burning the fats.  So, I am proudly to say that I have not been sick for 7 months or so since I took Nuskin program.

10.  I do my morning walk almost every day.  I try to golf 4 times a month.  I play badminton too.  So, exercise is to increase my cardio as I “used to” have heart problem.

11. I do not weight myself every day as I know I am confident what cause me fat, and how I can reduce it whenever I wanted to.

As you, I love to eat.  I like to eat.  And you know what I like to eat.  From the past 4 months, I try to be 自暴自弃 mode, eat a lot of chocolate, eat a lot of things.   (But still keep to the same principal I had above).  And surprisingly, my weight when back up to 85KG, and then reduce it back.  This has never happen before.  And I purposely do so to try to see what can makes me fat.  And can I reduce it back?  And the answer is yes.  

It is all in your mind.  And as long as you still have that conscious, then, you will be fine!  And I actually proven it.  And it is a good feeling.

Screen Shot 2013 05 13 at 9 24 01 AM

This is taken during my wife’s birthday.  As you can see from my chin, it has reduced.  I felt my tummy flat.  And I am lighter, and I got more energy to do stuff.


So, today, I took some measurement which I long time never take.

So surprise to see my weight to be maintained at where I left 4 months ago.  81.6KG.

IMG 1603

The fat I measured is 26.5%.  Used to be mid 30%…

IMG 1604

OK.  Body Age is still 54.  Which is so much older.  But I used to be > 60 age.  hahaha

IMG 1605

At least the BMI is no longer mid 30s.  I still eat a lot of chicken skins and pork lard.  haha 

IMG 1606

Reduced significantly too.

IMG 1607

As a result of still eating lots of fatty food.  Still trying to fix this.

IMG 1608

Hahaha not enough muscle.  I need it to be >33% I think.  hahaha

IMG 1609

Overall, I am still satisfy with this.  I have lost 10KG.  And I feel younger and lighter.  And after I eat a lot, I can always comes back to this point.  So, that is a good news to me.  

So, remember, it is all in the mind.  

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