Happy Late Mother’s Day

Date:  May 14, 2013

I think they just finding excuses to eat Awfully Chocolate cake!  HaHaHa

Happy Late Mother’s Day!


Poor and Pity mommy has to work for the past few nights.  When I said work, means really working, teleconferencing, go to office, etc.  She was whole day in the office yesterday.  And She came home only in 6:15am in the morning.

IMG 1601

HaHaHa… At last, things gone back to the right track again.  So, today, can buy a cake from Awfully Chocolate and celebrate this year Mother’s day.  HaHaHa


As usual, Ko Ko blew the candles much faster than Kay Kay.


Kay Kay now in crying mode.  So, we re-lid the candles.


And this time, Ko Ko is not allowed to blow the candles.  So, you see smiling fast from Kay Kay again.


Happy Late Mother’s Day!



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