First Trophy – Drawing Competition

Date:  Apr 20, 2013

Few days ago, Kay Kay was working on his new pairings… and submit it to Lorna Whiston Pre-School for their Spring Carnival drawing competition.  This year the theme is Lorna Whiston Pre-School’s 10th birthday.

The painting was hanging there when we arrived…


This is the blog entry to show’s Kay Kay’s efforts… It is no different than Art Boot Camp… I think Art Boot Camp really has his way teaching the kids how to draw… and use the hair dryer to dry the layers of painting… So, we merely using the same method to ask Kay Kay to produce this wonderful painting…

And he has to compete with his fellows classmates.


And guess what?

After the official has judged the drawings… Kay Kay won a trophy and price for his painting!


Very happy in receiving the prices…


Here comes the trophy…


Kay Kay… we are very proud of you!  Winner for N2.

IMG 0908

One big pack of goodies and a small trophy.


Kay Kay is definitely happy about it!


Kay Kay.


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