Date: Mar 16, 2013

I don’t jailbreak my IOS devices anymore as I was an IOS developers and I have to respect the programmers.

The apple apps store remind me about twenty years ago where I used to download a lot of shareware applications.

Two problems…

1) There are simply too many new apps and application out there and you simply have no time looking at all of them….

2). Some apps are expensive…

Luckily, there are solution to that… Appsgonefree

This is a must have application on your iPhone and iPad. This app will introduce and tell you which app has gone free on that day itself. Some apps developers will give away the app for one day free so that these people who is lucky enough can say good things about their app. Most of these app, be it games or applications will have an expiry date for the free download…

For example, this Montessori Worksheet for kids, cost about $4.98. Under normal circumstances, I will not buy this app. But today, it has gone free…

A click on the app, shows you the introductions and screen shots.

If you like the app, click again, and it will bring you directly to the App Store.

I use this on a daily basis. And most of the time, I simply download it first and will launch the app when I am free.

Appsgonefree will save lots of time and money for you. And most of the time, checking out new app become a new hobby of mine.

Have fun!

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