TKD for Kay Kay

Date:  Mar 5, 2013

It’s time for my Kay Kay to join the force.  I have finally enrol Kay Kay into JH Kim Taekwondo.  He will take the class at the same time slot with his brother, Jay Jay.

IMG 7747

Kay Kay will be joining the Totts class.  Basically is fun playing class.

IMG 7752

Kay Kay will be taught by the Korean coach.

IMG 7754

Initially, it will be tough for him, as this will be his very first group lesson.  As Kay Kay has not been to huge group training before.  Unlike Jay Jay, went to the baby gym before.

IMG 7763

So, Kay Kay is just sitting there to be an observer all the time for his first class.

IMG 7767

Jay Jay later come and take a look at Kay Kay and comfort him saying that “Kay Kay, you know when Ko Ko first take the taekwondo class, ko ko also very scare.  But then, I made a lot of new friends here, and I am not scare any more.”

So, let’s see how it goes.  Kay Kay 加油!

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