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Date:  Mar 6, 2013

I know I know, Jay Jay has to start reading lot’s of books.  If not, he will not be able to catch up in his English class in coming days…

I have been buying lots of lots of different books for Jay Jay.  And he does not like to read those until I bought some of these books for him.

One of such book is named “Why the sea water is salty?”

It is about a Korean king who has a magic mill that can produce either gold or spies such as salt.  A thief stole it and then, ask the mill to make some salt for his bun, and he forgot to ask the mill to stop until the mill keep producing salt and the ship he is on sank.  That is why the sea water is salty.  

Jay Jay read the book quietly one day, and finished it, and asked me why the sea water is salty?  I told him lots of different answer, and he asked me to read the book.

Yesterday he is reading another book that I bought.

IMG 7817

Hey, you know why?  He been to Japan so many times, and this is the first time he is reading a book that is about Japan.  

IMG 7836

Inside the book, it has pictures, and some familiar places that he has been too.  Like this Thunder Gate at the Asakusa temple.  So, I start to realise that the kid likes to read things he is interested in.  Just like the “Why the sea water is salty?”, it is a fact that sea water is salty, but why is it salty?  The story tells it all. He is so happy to bring the book to school and share it with his friends too.

IMG 7843

Once Jay Jay is focus, he can read the books.  And I also learned that we as parents have to be near him when he read the book.  Because from time to time, he will have questions or he does not know how to read a new vocab.  Then, you will have to be there for him, and explain to him what is it.

This is another book he wanted to read.  Because, my “marketing message” to him is “Open Sesame”.  He heard of this “Open Sesame” since Kindergarden, but he does not know where does it come from…  It actually comes from a story called Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

IMG 7835

A glance of this book, oh… big words…

IMG 7842

And on the front page, it says “Level 2”.  🙂

IMG 7844

So, I quickly go back and check why he does not like those books I bought before.  

Friends recommend me to let him start reading Geronimo Stilton story books.

IMG 7838

I turned to the pages inside, got pictures, and got colourful words.  Even me also don’t like it.  Because it was written big and colourful and different fonts.  No wonder Jay Jay don’t like it.  And the words are small too… So, I guess these Geronimo Stilton books are not for him.  Or rather, it is not his time to read it yet or he has no interest in reading that.

IMG 7846

Then, I bought quite some Ninjago books for him.   

IMG 7839

And I don’t believe he has read any of them.  Look at the book, I think it is too many words in there… It turns him off…

IMG 7840

Same as this one.  The font too small.  Too many words.  He only sees the pictures and the flip.

IMG 7841

Just remember, not all the kids are the same.  Some likes to read books, some don’t like, each kids will have their own unique talents.  So, don’t push them too hard in reading.

So, I start to buy books like this, that may bring up his interest in reading… This book talks about who invented the car, and story about the cars…

IMG 7837

Simple and not complicated pictures and lesser words in a page.  That is why he likes it.

IMG 7845

I am glad that at least I see him now pick up the story books and read it.  It is a sign of relief to parent like me, and Well done! Jay Jay!  You have reach another milestone.

IMG 7816

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