Jay Jay First Day @ Pei Tong Primary School

Date:  Jan 2, 2013

6:15am sharp.  Daddy wakes Jay Jay up.

Tears in his eyes.  He could not open his eyes.

But in no time… He got hold of himself.  And follow the routines…

1.  Brush teeth.

2.  Breakfast.

3.  Change uniform… etc.

That’s his lunch box.  We packed sandwich and cut red apples.

IMG 5451

6:40am wearing socks.

IMG 5452

6:45am.  Jay Jay is ready.  with a big small on his face.  We let him wear a jacket as he felt a bit cold.

IMG 5461

Hmmm… the bags seems heavy.  Tomorrow definitely change to smaller bags.

IMG 5462

6:50am… Already waiting downstairs for the bus to come and fetch.  

IMG 5465

The bus came on time.  The same block, there is another kid also taking the same bus.

I drove to Pei Tong immediately after he step onto the bus.

By the time I reached there, he was sitting there.  Look a bit blur.  I am guessing he is still in sleeping sweet dream mode.

IMG 5474

Lukas came a little bit later.  But sit at the same row, few seats away.  And surprisingly, Jay and Lukas did not see each other.

IMG 5486

So, I went up to Jay and point to Lukas and says, “Lukas is there!” and suddenly Jay Jay becomes happy to see his K2 good friend there.  And same to Lukas as well.  HaHaHaHa  You can see both kids found lights in their mind and smile appears.

IMG 5492

We packed sandwich for Jay Jay.  So, he ate the sandwich.  But he chose not to drink his Hokkaido milk, instead, he spent 80 cents to buy a big cup of Milo.  Which is good, as his P3 buddy fulfil his duty to show Jay how to queue and buy food from the canteen stall.

IMG 5508

1:40pm.  We were all downstairs at our condo to wait for Jay Jay’s bus.  The bus was late for 20 minutes.  And then, he suddenly appeared with a big smile.  Running with the koko from upstairs.

IMG 5588

We gave him $2.50 today, and he spent 80 cents today on his Milo.  So he left $1.70 for his savings.  This bottle is the savings that he can buy anything that he wanted to buy.

IMG 5596

He had a great day.  And both me and my wife was very excited to hear from him over the lunch on what’s happening. 

IMG 5600

Mommy:  Wah, why you sit in the first row?

Jay:  Lukas also sit in the first row.

Mommy:  Yes, I know but why?

Daddy:  Wah Jay, well done, you are like PaPa, always sit in the first row so that can hear what the teacher’s jokes.

Jay:  No la, PaPa, when we go to the class, there is only three seats left, which is at the front row.

Daddy / Mommy laugh… hahahaha

Daddy & Mommy participated in a very well organised K2 What’sApp forum… and all the kids photos are sent in.

 IMG 5457IMG 5467IMG 5468IMG 5470IMG 5527IMG 5566IMG 5569IMG 5575

IMG 5577IMG 5578IMG 5580IMG 5581IMG 5579IMG 5514

I am so glad that Jay Jay has marched into his Primary School years without any difficulties.  He is kid always put a smile on his face.  He will do well in his Primary School.  

IMG 5168

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