Save Your Own Money to Buy Your Own Toys

Date:  Jan 2, 2013

Jay Jay came back from school.  

Mommy:  What did you eat in school?  And how much money you have left?

Jay Jay:  I buy a milo.  It is 80 cents.  

IMG 5593

Jay:  So, I left with One dollar and 70 cents.

(We gave Jay Jay $2.50, in fact I think all the mommy and daddy in Pei Tong Primary School has “pakat” (sync) to give the same amount, which is $2.50 so that the kids won’t talk about it and compare among each others.)

We also wanted our child to learn how to save money.  So, we bought this COUNTING MONEY JAR for him.  And this counting jar actually counts Singapore coins.  It was pretty accurate.

IMG 5592

We have some loose change, so, we put all in, and it really displayed the correct amount.

IMG 5458

Jay Jay was amaze with the counting money jar.  How does he knows?  Let’s observe it.

IMG 5596

So, he slowly put in the coins he saved for his first day of P1.

IMG 5598

And now he is $12 richer.  This counting money jar is fantastic for a little boy as him.

IMG 5599

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