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Date:  Jan 2, 2013

In today’s P1 first day seminars for parents, I learned this from NLB (National Library Board).  Which I think it is so true.  And I learned it a hard way too.  HaHaHaHa… But I am glad I finally found something that Jay Jay likes.  Not 100% like, but at least 60-70% like, I am happy already.  Every people is not the same.  Some are good are reading, some just isn’t good enough.  

IMG 5534

For the longest time that I have been searching a method to make Jay Jay fell in love in reading.  May be he carries my genes, as for the whole life, I was not able to finish more than handful of books.  HaHaHaHa… but I need to keep trying.  He can read, but he does not pick up a book and read when he sees one.  If you ask him to read a particular book, then, he will read for you.

One of the classmate mommy recommends this book for Jay.  From Scholastic.  I made Jay read 2 stories, and I can immediately tell that the book turns my son off.  I know it is cool to read the books, but not for Jay Jay.  The name is hard to pronounce, and the fonts are quite irregular.  That suppose to be a tactic to bring the child’s attention up and raise their interest of reading.  but I must say sorry that my son, may be is a special one, who will turn off his interest reading this book.  

IMG 0028\

So, that day, I kept looking and I finally found the Ladybird Classic Me Books.  OK.  What is a “Me Books”?  I will tell you in a while.

Screen Shot 2013 01 02 at 9 40 45 PM

So, Jay Jay has read a few books here.  And he really loves to read from these classics.  

IMG 0024

Look closer.  It is an “interactive books”.  You can touch the text and some one will read it to you.  You can touch the pictures and there will be some different conversations coming out.  Wait, isn’t that what an e-Book suppose to be?

IMG 0025

But for this book, when you touch the circle on the top right corner, it will show you the touch circle.  So, when you touch the pink circle on the left hand page on the text, it will read out the text.  If you touch the old lady pink circle, the old lady will grumble, make some noise.

But there are more… you can actually create MORE touchable circle, and all you need to do, is to HOLD it for 1sec, and you can record new text, new noise, new sound, whatever you like to say.

IMG 0026

And his brother, Kay Kay loves it.  So, I will try to make it a habit so that Jay Jay will read story books for Kay Kay before sleep.  And Kay Kay gets to play the Me Book for a while.  I will buy the books for him too.  And hopefully he can finish 20 books by this year.  

IMG 0027

I recommend this ebook reader from Ladybird.  Try it!  I hope Jay Jay will at least has a little tiny bit of interest to read books.

IMG 5273

Today, during the first day of Jay’s P1 school.  We the parents attend some seminar organised by the PSG.  There is a NLB session, and the NLB staffs basically teach you how to find books in the library, as well as giving some tips to raise a child interest in reading.

Is your child one of the following readers?

1.  Avid Readers?  (not my Jay).

IMG 5548

2.  Dormant Readers?  (not my Jay either)

IMG 5551

3.  Uncommitted Readers?  (This may be Jay Jay…)

IMG 5561

4.  Unmotivated Readers?

IMG 5565

5.  Unskilled Readers?

IMG 5574

So, today, I went to the library, and pay $13.50 fine for very late returning of a children book.  And then, I reactivate the acct, and I stay day for 1 hour just to find the correct books for Jay Jay to read when he comes back from school.  I am so happy about it when I show Jay Jay of those books.  Only one book he disapprove which is the “skateboard”.  

IMG 5168

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