Why Your Kids Like To Play On iPad & iPhone?

Date:  Jan 2, 2013

Yesterday, I attended some seminar arranged by the Primary School for parents.  

I like this very motivated speaker, Mr. Amin from Adam Khoo Learning Centre. 

I actually learned quite something from him.

He asked, if we give our kids iPad and iPhone, why do they like it?



Because, the games is design to “Always” give encouragement to the kids.

If the kid wins a game, the game will say “Excellent!”, “Outstanding!”, “Well Done!“, etc etc.

If the kid fails or loses in a game, the game will not scold him or her, instead, it says, “Please Try Again!“, “You are almost there…“, etc.

In real life, how many of the parents has lots of high expectations, and expects our kid to do well, and sometimes, got carry away, and says “Why like that?“, “Why you do this?“, “How could you make such mistakes?”  And some times, we do not give chance to our own kids.  “Never mind!“, “Don’t do it again!“…


The child is not stupid.  They will compare.  So, they will say, hey, iPad and iPhone don’t scold me like that?  They always encourage me, no matter I have 1cm of improvement of 1KM or improvement.  If I lose, iPad and iPhone don’t scold me.  So, 久而久之 (after some time later), and the kids will felt better with iPhone and iPad.  And they will love them more than they love their daddy and mommy, and most of the time, they learned not to talk to mommy and daddy again.

Thanks Mr. Amin for the very important lesson today.

Time to go into deep thoughts mode.  🙂  Look at yourself.  And how many times your kids is playing iPad, or wanted to play iPad.  Must control.  Must control.  HaHaHaHa.  It is a great learning tool, but do not let the iPad took over your role as parents.  Good luck!  And may the force be with you. 

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