Japan Dec-12: Ski Lesson Day 2

Date: Dec 16, 2012

When we wake up this morning, we could not see Mt. Yotei.

It seems that there is a very heavy snow fall last night.

For the part two days we were taking the community lift chair.

Today, a lot more snow, more difficult, and it’s drizzling.

Today the view is totally different after the heavy snow fall last night.

Jay Jay still sitting with instructor Anne.

We are sitting in the community chair lift today to go up to the same slope.

It really looks like this place is hit by a heavy snow storm last night. We totally could not see the tree branches, all are coated in white now.

Jay Jay well done!

Next Jay Jay sits with me on the same lift chair.

No. 2 run, and I sit with Jay Jay in the same lift chair.

In his first run, Jay fell down a couple of times. So, he is with instructor Anne at the back. You can see he has a bit of sad face. So, I told him that I also fall down, and I asked him how many times he fell? He says two times. So to encourage him, I told him I fell three times. Even if you didn’t fell you must tell lies to your son to encourage him. Hahaha.

Mean while, mommy is standing by at the base there waiting to take photos… Here come Thomas and Mark. Mark is 3 years old and he can now ski down the slope but still don’t know how to break yet.

Here comes three of us, me, Jay and Claire.

The community chair took us up to a slope that is about 1km or 2km away from the base. After yesterday practice, we are quite comfortable with it. Skiing is fun!

Look at Jay Jay trying to lift his poles up for victory.


My full outfit.

Then Jay and Claire sit together and chit chat all the way up. Even hold hands and ski down from the slope chair together. Hahaha.

Jay and Claire…

The third run is a happy run. And we were so fortunate to have Anne as the kids teacher and instructor. Yesterday, Anne build snowman and play snow angel with the kids. Today, she was throwing snow balls and passing snow balls to the kids.

Then later I figured that Anne is trying to have fun with them and at the same time, checking on their natural reflexes, and it is a good way to train the beginner skiers. And I think I only see Anne doing it not other instructors. Even me, holding my iPhone and shoot the video all the way without poles. It was fun!

We were doing pretty good in our third ski run. Passing the snow ball around with good reflexes.

The kids were having lots of fun!

Durung lunch, we were talking about our ski runs, and we were so excited about the passing around of the snow balls without falling, etc. After our lunch, we kind of expecting it (the fun) again. But we were so wrong and we didn’t even knew about it.

After taking the community chair lift, we ski towards the Green Leaf hotel. And take the Banzai lift chair up. At this point the kids and me were a bit comfortable with our newly acquired skills.

Jay Jay was still thinking about the fun just now.

Now we are in Banzai chair.

The slope is a lot more steeper and longer. And this is my last video or photos. Because, 5 minutes later, the kids and me are totally freak out! It is a lot more steeper than it looks, and we could not control the speed, I cannot control the turning, and I fell down almost 6-7 times, and Claire complaint about ankle pain, luckily, her father was there to help out, bring her down by guiding her. As for me and Jay Jay, it was a very stressful run for almost 45 minutes. I worry about Jay, but then I fell. Ha Ha… Surprisingly, Zjay Jay fell down fewer times this time. He too is frighten. But Anne helped us to made it thru.

Hahaha. Anne later explains that, she has to take us there once so to compare with the one before. As we were in our comfort zone this morning. But I understand the lesson well.

But after that terrible experience, we are said the same thing, that we don’t want to go up there again until we are ready. After conforming that we going up community chair, all three of us went up and have our final run.

Jay Jay has a successful run without falling once in his last run! I am so proud of him…

This ski trip is so fun and we decided to extend our hotel star for one more day. I guess it is worth it by forfeiting the Sapporo hotel. On the last day we can just take a direct bus to Chitose Airport.

So we will be going over to the Hirafu Kids theme park tomorrow to reward Jay Jay. And we going to meet up with Claire over there.

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