Japan Dec-12: Jay Jay Ski & Kay Kay Snow Toboggan

Date: Dec 15, 2012

Yesterday was a fun day for me and Jay Jay. Father and son for the first time learn skiing together. And then we ski down the hill and slope together.

What about Kay Kay? As usual, he is playing by himself, and don’t want to ski.

But he does want to go up the gondola in the cable car.

As for Jay Jay, Anne is our instructor and promise that after the two days, we will know how to ski.

Here comes Thomas bringing his daughter, Claire. I sign in Claire to the class too. So that Jay has a skiing partner from his class.

So, it’s seems like everyone is ready to go. Instructor is important. Because when you fall down, it is almost impossible to get up by yourself, for beginners. She is there to give a helping hand and confident.

Jay and his classmate from Lorna Whiston.

Claire little brother, Mark is there too. He is same age with Kay Kay too. But he will be going with his daddy and learn ski from daddy.

As for Kay Kay. This will be his first time playing with toboggan. But he still does not know the fun yet. As I think he is a bit scare. Haha. But he do found a way to entertain himself, by experimenting.

He asked mommy to put her back pack on to the toboggan. And toboggan slides down with the back pack. Haha

So, he kept doing that for 20-30 times.

Then, he will pull the toboggan with the bag back up the bunny hill.

The, he will push down the toboggan again and again.

The sun going down.

Here is Kay Kay having fun. Of course he can’t do it without the magic carpet, the escalator to bring him back up the hill.

Opps… Toboggan is sliding away…

Then, he start walking up down the escalator.

Then, finally, he is willing to sit in the toboggan, and surprisingly, he found it fun, and keep on sliding down and walk up, and sit in his toboggan and not willing to leave. He was there the whole afternoon, and he was having lots of fun with it.

Conclusion: all kids love toboggan.

Jay and Claire finally come back from the ski class.

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