Japan Dec-12: Jay Jay First Ski

Date: Dec 15, 2012

This is Mt. Yotei. Early in the morning, when we open our curtains, the sun is shining from the right and Mt. Yotei greets us. It is a great view.

Today is the first time ever our Jay Jay going to learn skiing and ski on his own later from the hill. Early in the morning we arrived at the Ski School just beside Hilton Niseko Village.

Not taking any chances (Don’t trust those winter jackets and pants bought from Winter Time), I rented a full set of jacket, pants, helmet, goggles, ski and poles for Jay Jay.

I myself rented the jackets and pants and found that it is much more warmer than the one I had. So one must keep his body warm. That is why we kia su a bit, wear more.

We also rented the boot. And surprisingly all the equipment rented here are quite good, comfortable and nice. So we rented for two days.

Now the instructor is fitting his shoe and adjust his ski clip on.

The helmet is good for kids.

And the goggles is really something. I can wear it even I had my normal glasses underneath.

With his jacket on, Jay Jay is almost ready to go.

This is a two days course I asked for me and Jay. So each day is 4 hours, two in the morning and two hours after lunch.

At first I was complaining why “full day” is only 4 hours. Today after the first day I then know why.

It’s darn tiring even with 4 hours. But it is fun.

So glad that Claire can join Jay Jay in the training. It is very coincident that Claire and her family also coming for ski trip at Niseko Village.

So, me, Claire and Jay Jay spent 2 hours at this bunny hills with “magic carpet” – the escalator that will move you back up to the slope.

At half time mark, Jay is thirsty and Claire is hungry. So, let’s take a photo and eat upstairs.

After a good lunch, and plenty of water. And about 1 and 1/2 hour rest. Here we go back to the training.

This time we are sitting on the lift and go way up to the hill. WOW! After 2 hours bunny hill training, we are going up already?

Better check all confident level. Haha Claire, you Ok? YES! Haha

There is Jay and instructor Anne.

She is a Swiss. But she was born in French. She is quite old but still strong and skillful. And she is patient with the kids and me.

We are heading that way. Way way up there.

And we are like 3-6 storey high. And Claire tries kick my ski to clear the snow on it.

Wow! It’s a great feeling. Of course with the very brave Claire sitting beside me, I also add a bit of guts now. In fact once you overcome the fear of height, you can do almost everything!

Once we are at the top, the scenery is breathless. We saw Mt. Yotei at closer range. And it is very good feeling.

Let’s zoom in a bit! That’s what we saw! T. Yotei!

And this is Jay Jay going down the slope.

Of course first few times must fall down a bit. Haha after you get the hang of it, you will love it!

I always ski behind them. So I can see clearly that they are pretty good skiing already.

By the 2nd time we went up there, Jay Jay fell lesser. And we stop by a quiet place the instructor help us build a snow man. And we have a snow fight up there. And Claire show me what is an snow angel. Too bad my iPhone running out of battery after shooting the video below.

So after first day, I think all of us love it. We love the great view of Mt. Yotei.

Of course Jay Jay loves Claire’s company. Claire said “this is the first time I met a friend during my family trip, did you and my daddy talk and decide to come together?” I said “No dear. It is all coincident. And we all happen to meet up in Japan at the same ski resort!” And I think Claire likes it a lot!

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