Japan Dec-12: Snow Man and Kids

Date: Dec 14, 2012

When you bringing your toddler to a cold country for vacation. If you are expecting the snow in your vacation, don’t forget to bing the followings.

1. Different sizes of dark color buttons. If you don’t have it, go and buy. Bring more. It will be useful for making snow man eyes and button.

2. Bring some carrots. Haha.. This is for the nose.

See what I mean. Making snowman is a different fun, if you have trout of bringing all these “tools” and “accessories”…

Let Kay Kay teach you how to make a snow man. This is snow. Snow is cold.

If you squeeze the snow like this, the outer part will be melted a bit. And it will form a ball.

But using bare hand is wy too cold. COLD! So, please use gloves.

So, all you need to do, is to squeeze gently.

Make two balls, and stick them together. And put a carrot on the nose, and two buttons for eyes. Ere you go, it’s a snow man.

Aiyo.. Should have use a darker eyes.

Hahaha… Our first snow man.

Next evening, we go and build a bigger one.

The process of making snow man is fun!

Kay Kay and snow man ver. 2.0

The kids somehow loves the snow. This is the first time for them to encounter with snow. And they love it so much.

The Japanese snow man really looks like a Japanese. Haha

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