Robotics Training Start From Young

Date: Dec 2, 2012 A weeks ago, Jay joined his friends “ponteng” from school again and enroll in a 1-day robotics class. To prepare him, I taught him this. So that if he decided to design a robot next time, he would not design a robot to destroy mankind. Haha

Also, I downloaded Move the Turtle for kids and teach him basic programming.

He simply loves it! But most importantly, he grasp the idea of programming. 🙂

After the preparation, he is good to go. When I arrived at the NUS guild house, he is still fixing the robots with Riandi.

This is the robot he and Riandi come up with.

He is quite proud of making it.

His teammate – Riandi.

The whole group of LWPS K2 classmates are very excited designing their fighting robots.

Every one is putting lots of efforts into the robots.

It is exactly like the Move the Turtle game. Turn left, forward, turn right, forward.

He is touching up the robots.

The program already Pre-program inside the brain for the robots with this instructions.

Everyone is quite serious in designing their robots.

And it’s kinda fun to have all classmates in the same class.

I think it is almost ready for combat.

Ok. Battle begins. And unfortunately, it ended with a small drama. :). But it’s ok la. They are still young. Just remember they are still kids, and that’s how kids behave. Most importantly, how daddy and mommy do the damage control during such situation. Haha.  So what I did is I pull Mr. Jay aside, and in front of him, I fixed up his robot, distract him by teaching him how to build a stronger robot. And then when it is done, lets battle again. Of course to prevent Mr. Jay to sop sop again, keep reminding him it’s just a competition and its fine to lose. And he is back in the robot fight. And this time he is up against his good friend, Conrad’s and Kayden’s robot. And no parts coming down but Jay Jay’s robot. Run away outside the white line.

It’s a good thing we declare another round. Round 2 begins, and this time Jay’s robot hung in there and Conrad’s one dropped its arm. So Jay wins.

And of course there is his friends feeling we need to take care too. So … IT’S A TIE! And everyone happy.

And this is a happy group photos.

Here we learned a lot of things today. How to control the situation. How to make kids feel good. And the kids will need to learn how to grow up too. Jay and his friends is in good terms again. And every one is happy again. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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