J & K Art Gallery

Date: Dec 2, 2012

Our home art gallery seems to be growing. These are the one drawn on the canvas.

So we decided to stick those canvas in their room. It does not matter weather it is nice or ugly, as long as it is their drawings… It will be placed up there. Make the kids feel good and feel proud. Sort of keep the interest going…
(Jay says why I only have one?)

This is Kay Kay’s teddy bear drawings last week.

This is Kay Kay’s drawings this week.

Kay Kay really have those interest in arts and drawings and as parents we sure support him in this.

On the wall of course there is only one canvas is drawn by Jay Jay but he already smiling big for it.

Tips: we buy the canvas from Arts Friends. Always supply your kid with canvas instead of drawing paper. It is nicer and make the kids feel good feel like artist.

Happy Deawings!

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