We Got Lost in Bukit Timah Hill

Date:  Nov 23, 2012

Today is the last excursion for K2 Class at Lorna Whiston Pre-School.  The K2 students is going to visit Bukit Timah Hill for hiking, and then go water play at Jacobs Ballas garden.  And then, they will BBQ at school, and spent a night camping in school.  WOW.  This will be the first time ever for some of the K2 parents actually don’t have their kid sleeping at home.  Quite cool, I think.  I think my Jay Jay will like it a lot.  

At 8:45am, these are the students going to hike in Bukit Timah Hill.  I think there are around 39 K2 children going.  A big group.  And 4 parents volunteer tag along to 打杂.

IMG 2897

It was quite a smooth ride.  The kids are already ready for the hike.

IMG 2915

The children are excited about this excursion.  Look at the face of Aiden.  HaHaHa

Aiden funny face

Jay Jay will walk with Annabelle.


No wonder I kept thinking why my bag so heavy when I climbing the slope.  These three young kids was pulling my bag.  HaHaHa…

Jay Anna Nicole all pull my bag

Here are the girls.  Not sure why Mikayla open his mouth so big.  hahaha

Nicole Claire Mikayla Anna

 Jay Jay says “PaPa, you tell mommy, we are still stuck in the mountain…” hahaha, kids talk.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/y1tBN2cti6k

One of the highlights is they found this bug in the jungle, and every one is like screaming.  Only the young Conrad is brave enough to touch it, here and there. haha  The bug just simply run and find shelter to hide out.  HaHaHa Its Fun!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/YkpuR4F5B3M

The kids gets to see insects, bugs and huge tree like this one.  


Wow, I think the walk is a bit too STEEP for the kids.  But they love it.  So, when they reach the summit, they are very happy!

Let s take photo here

The kids resting at the summit and have their lunch.

IMG 2966

Quick, let’s take a group photo here.  OK, Ms. Joy ask me to take group photo using her Canon.  So, I don’t actually have group photos.  Must ask Ms. Joy to give. 


Jessica wanted to tell mommy, “I finally made it to the summit!”

Jessica you like the summit rock is it

Jay Jay in his Gangnam style again?


Gangnam Boy lai-liao, nyoja nyoja (美女) sarang-hei sarang-hei (男子汉).


Ms. Lynn said, the road we came up just now was too steep for the kids, she scared the kids will run and trip and roll down.  It will be very painful.  So, for safety reason, let’s use the stairs road, which is much more safer for the kids.  So, this is where we begun our wonderful journey.

Let s walk this route longer but safer not so steep downslope

And we go deeper and deeper into the wood.


The stairs leads us deeper into the wood.

IMG 2982

 After 20 minutes walking down lots of stairs, and we got even deeper into the woods.  And we finally got lost.  There is no way in front.  But climbing over the huge stairs, you can see a route leading to Dairy Farm.  We think.  The turning back route is too taxing for the kids as there is a lot of stairs.  So, we miss a turn some where. 

So, we are now at some where the Lasia Valley (see the star?)… and we should actually turn at the Catchment Hut.  So, we decided to walk back a little.  And then after 10 minutes walk.  We still have not reach Catchment Hut, and the road getting steeper, and the stairs getting scarier high for the kids.  So, we asked a jogger.  Uncle say, go back to the Lasia Valley, turn right, and turn right (the orange line beside Lasia Valley), and then another right turn, you get to the car park area.  So, we decided to turn back to Lasia Valley again.  And I will run there first to scout and see whether it is feasible for the kids.

IMG 3002

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/3nVIFJ4640Q

 Welcome to Lasia Valley.  Wow, it seems like a long walk.  Remember the yellow road above on the map, that is the road we are talking.  It is like The sound of music.  hahaha

Let’s had a quick water break.

IMG 3009

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/2czU6rus5MI

Come on kids, the show must go on.  I know the kids are tired, but we need to stand up and walk.  Let’s go!  CNN reporter – Esther (Justin So’s mommy) still busy giving updates to the parents.  Finally, got signal.


So, we finally get out of the wood, and we need to keep walking to the car park.  And the kids is very good, and sing song along the way.

That is how they keep going and keep going.  It is not a short route.  But they simply just keep going. 

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/yv0Rn2HAC7c

During the return home walk, there is a place where there are a lot of steps and stairs.  Very high steep stairs.  But the kids simply work together, and listen to the teachers and parents, one by one, holding hand, each step by each step and made it to the top.  This is where they cheers after we just cleared off the stairs… OK, still long route ahead.  Let’s move on. 

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/L7k4B3kQG08

 We need a more powerful song for the next leg of the walking.  So, the kids sang the “Singapore Song”…  is like going to the army like that.  And the more louder they sang, the more powerful they walk.  I reckon that is another 1-2 KM extra walk they have taken. 

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/keRYGeMKYuQ

 Finally, we met up with 3 Monkeys.  They are watching us.  They slowly climb up and down.  The kids has to be in silent mode.  And then slowly walk pass them by not looking at them.  It is dangerous, but fun.  HaHaHaHaHa… Parents and teachers are all out to protect the kids.  So, we have to be cautious.  (Not that dangerous la.  Just sound fun!)

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/JypOymdforw

Aren’t we glad to see this sign, 5 min after encountering the Monkeys.  “VISITOR CENTRE” here we come.  Another 5 min walk.

IMG 3019

The sign says 6KM, but you have to add the Yellow Lasia Valley detour, may be about 1-2KM more.  So, the kids have completed at least 8KM today.  Bravo, big applause to the kids.

IMG 3020

Finally.  We made it back to the bus, 1 hour late.  HaHaHaHaHaHa  The bus driver dare to ask, why every one shoe so dirty.  hahahaha

IMG 3021

And as for her, Nicole was holding on to my hand half of the time when we got lost.  That is why my right hand is busy cannot update any photos.  HaHaHaHa 


I think this experience is exceptionally good for the kids to know what is a jungle, forrest, and how to work together to pull thru this.  The leading kids will form lines in front while parents and teachers helping other kids to walk thru the stairs.  They will sing song to cheer themselves up.  Claire did ask a few times “Are we there yet?” but most of the kids are having fun!

We saw bugs, we saw durians, jack fruits, Monkey, and lots of things along the way.

The kids were tired, but they all kept walking for one purpose only… “Water Play” at Jaccbs Ballas.  Hahahahahahaha  

Well done kids!

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