A Gold Christmas Tree 2012

Date:  Nov 24, 2012

Based on our past 10 years experience, a christmas tree can last for 1 month, provided that you take good care of it.  So, this year, we bought our tree early.  And today we finally got time to go and pick it up.

IMG 3141

We bought our tree from Far East Flora @ Queensway.  We placed order two weeks ago.  We already chosen our tree today.  And we will pick it up in the evening, after Jay Jay’s class.

Again, why a real tree?

1.  It is real, it gives a pine wood smell every morning, when you wake up.  

2.  Buying a Christmas tree also comes with responsibilities.  It is just like buying a pet, i.e. cat or dog.  Once you bought it, you better take good care of it.  So, Jay Jay was thought to take care of the Christmas tree until Christmas day.  This includes watering the tree, feeding ICE to the tree, etc.  This will becomes a daily routine until Christmas.

3.  Decorating the tree can be a fun father & son (or daughter) job.  Get your kids to help you, and make them feel proud what they did.

4.  It is a Christmas spirit thingy.  (don’t forget to ask them to help to collect them back and do a proper disposal.)

5.  If you have a car that can put the tree, arrange it to deliver it using your own car.  The kids love it!  They love the smell in the car, the love the mess made in the car.  They simply loves it and when we talk about Christmas tree, they will remember.

6.  It is a team work, where all children will have to help out daddy to put up the tree decorations.

Ho Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

IMG 3159

This man took our tree from the cold room.

IMG 3163

 This year, we bought a 7-8 feet tree instead of a 10 feet one.  And as usual, we use the 307SW to transport it back to our place ourselves.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/pNTP7jjZt5E

 Last year, we crazy go and buy a 10ft tree.  So, it occupied almost the whole car.  And it is darn difficult to move it back to our place especially in the lift.  下次不敢了!  So, this year, we bought the same usual height 7ft-8ft.  Better, see, Jay Jay still can sit in front.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/u0zCH5woBeE

Jay Jay is happy about getting the tree.

IMG 3167

Kay Kay also very happy.

IMG 3173

Kay Kay wanted to sleep on the Christmas tree, and he close his eyes and sleep.

IMG 3171

Buying a 7ft-8ft still manageable, can one person carry it.  No problem.  Clear the path please.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/wjUiMoTyxGw

Finally in the lift.

IMG 3186

 OK.  Now move the tree into our home. 

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/98DYj0hi-CA

YEAH!  This year, I can hold the tree like this.

IMG 3191

OK.  Now, it is time to set the rules.  Jay Jay, Christmas tree is your responsible. 

1.  Every morning, change the ice pack.

2.  Auntie Raquel will wash the ice pack and re-freeze it.  so you will always have fresh new ice pack.

3.  water the plant.  replenish the water every day.

IMG 3194

This is the ice pack we use.  Convenient and does the job.

IMG 3195

We used two of them.

IMG 3196

 Of course, you will need to add water.  Everyday, it will drink up almost half of the water.  So, you will need to feed the tree water every day.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/5TZddX_gqG4

Mommy’s job to cut the wrap!  From bottom to the top.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/p-ojOACNql4

Finishing touch.  Unwrapping the tree.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/97laJdrUYnQ

Yeah!  Our tree is unwrapped.

IMG 3204

 Now, is to decorate the tree.  This year, we going to do a Gold tree.  So, I bought some decor stuff from ARC.  There is a christmas decor shop on 2nd floor, and I think the price is reasonable.  Better than CK Tang or Robinson or Takashimaya.

IMG 7386 

The boys really have lots of fun here.

IMG 7410

That is the Christmas spirit I am talking about.

IMG 7413

Let’s light up the tree.

IMG 7417

Santa Clause and his little helper.

IMG 7428

We will wrap the lights around the tree.

IMG 7421

Jay Jay will untangle the lights.

IMG 7434

Jay: “See… not hot at all”.

IMG 7436

And finally, we done up the tree.  And the STAR is huge this year. hahahaha

Kay Kay loves it!

IMG 3207

Let’s put the decor up.

IMG 7481

Jay Jay has no hand, but his neck very long, so, use the neck to hold on to the bell.

IMG 7486

I got another live Christmas tree here. hahahaha

IMG 7448

I got another.  HahaHa

IMG 7491

 Let’s the kid play once a while.

IMG 7501 

And guess what… 玩到没东西玩!  Kay Kay asked mommy to bring out his cricket costume.  And he wants to wear it!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/gY5DIi_4jf4

 Kay’s costumes is worth the money now.  Haha… he wore it today.

IMG 3217

 Little cricket helping hand.

IMG 7512 

This is our Christmas tree.  I think the bottom gold flower is way too complicated.  May remove that soon.

IMG 3229

Let’s light it up.  And check if it is OK from different angle.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/VLxmAhQF3js

OK.  done.  The Christmas light can only open when parent say so.  As this tree is going to be there for 3 weeks, beside drinking ice water, it is best not to let it turn on the lights so often.  Although is LED, but still a bit warm.  hahahaha MERRY CHRISTMAS!

IMG 7540

oh… It’s lightning outside.  

IMG 7563

Btw, Far East Flora also sell small tree.  If space is not allow, you can get a 4-5ft one at $60.  It will be fun!  Do it!

IMG 3137

The 4ft-5ft one looks like this height.  Jay Jay is 120cm+.

IMG 3138

Enjoy with your tree.



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