Jay Jay First Overnight Stay At LWPS School

Date:  Nov 23, 2012

Last Friday, Jay Jay had a very busy schedule.

9AM, he is going to hike Bukit Timah Hill.

IMG 2898

He is very energetic in the morning.


Together with his K2 classmates, they hike Bukit Timah Hill.


We made it to the top.  (Yeap, I am the volunteer parent)


Then we got lost in the wood for 45 minutes.


Finally, we made it out to a longer route at Lasia Valley.


At 1PM, we reached Jacobs Ballas Children Garden for Jay Jay to have lunch and water play there.


The kids had great fun there.  Playing with water wearing their normal clothing.


3PM, The kids are all clean up and dry up.  But you can see lots of them are very tired.


6PM, the kids just woke up from their afternoon nap.  Most of them had a nice 2 hours recharged.

7PM, the BBQ starts.  Got Satay, brown rice, chicken wings, hot dogs, etc.  And Mushroom soup and cheese tofu.  Yes, this is the first time all the kids have dinner together at LWPS at night.

IMG 3094

Every one are pretty excited.  Today is the first day they are going to sleep outside with their friends in school without their parents.

IMG 3096

Seems like all the sleeping bags are fully prepared.

IMG 3107

After BBQ dinner, and the camp fire, they got movie to watch.

IMG 3108

I think they watched “Bolt”.

IMG 3109

So, Jay Jay spent a night at school with his friends, eat BBQ, camp fire, watch movie and sleep.

Next morning… The camp fire.

IMG 3133

All the kids woke up.  And eating their great breakfast.  Its 8:30am, and the kids are still in pyjamas.

IMG 3121

Kay Kay miss his Ko Ko last night.

IMG 3131

It is a great experience for the kids.  They got to learn how to be independent.  Teacher asked, “Jay you want to call your daddy mommy?”  Jay said, “No”.  hahaha This is a sign of independent.  🙂  HaHaHa.  A bit sad, but glad to see that the boy has grown up.  

Nowadays, kids are different.  They have an extra stage where they spent 4-5 years study together with a group of schoolmates.  And the kids precious every moment of this childhood friendship.  So, as parents, we will try our very best to let them be together more often for the rest of this year, during their K2 graduation years.  Next year, they will be going to different school and meet new friends.  Hope they will not forget all these childhood memories and friends.  We will try our best to organise reunion parties and gathering for them.

We just had out fun during the self-organised Lego land trip last week.

IMG 7351

Coming Monday, some of the kids will have robotics class together.  Next Sunday, 13 kids will go Forrest Adventure with Firefox.  And then Dec 22, there will be Christmas party at my place for the kids.  And some parents wanted to organised to go hiking again in between.  Jay going to meet up with Claire during Niseko skiing too.  Great gathering ahead!

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