Cook With Ken – iCook Steam Egg & Minced Pork

Date:  Nov 20, 2012

The family is so excited about the new cookware I bought – iCook from Amway.

Of course, the first few weeks will be the experimental period, where we need to be familiar with the characteristic of the new pots and wok.  Especially the concept of using less fire.  小火省油.  And yet, the food is much more healthier.

So, at the bottom, cut some fish ball, and put Chinese spinach cover it.  Later we found out that we should put the veggies below and the fish ball on top.  because the veggies will generate some water, but it is not enough for the fish ball, so, if you put the fish ball on top of the veggies, the fish ball will be much nicer and not burn a little.

IMG 2691

This can serve as separator.  And it can be used to cut veggies too.

IMG 2692

Minced ground pork, salted egg and salted fish.  No other thing.  No salt no soya sauce.  But my wife made a mistake.  She put the minced pork on a normal plate.  hahaha must be never steam food before… hahaha later, the pork was not so cooked.  So, we steam it a few more minutes together with the veggies and cause the veggie to overcook.  hahahhaa lesson learned.  And then, simply cover it and cook for 10-15 minutes.  Until the pot cover can spin on the vapour seal.

IMG 2693

Spin it just like this… 


Look how fabulous it is.  And because I am on TRA diet.  So, usually at night, I had my protein replacement meal.  But I just can’t resists and eat quite a bit of it yesterday night.  hahaha

The meat taste is completely preserved inside the steam egg.  The salted fish is completely preserved within the meat.  So, the combinations of the salted egg and salted fish plus the normal egg and pork meat is just perfect!  Sweet and a little bit salty and tasty.

Diet Vs. iCook, that is really a bad combinations.

IMG 2694

As for the veggies.  It is still very tasty.  The fish ball a bit dry, but very nice to chew.  The veggies is a bit dry, but still edible.  Getting there.. hahaha

IMG 2695



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