TRA Detox Diary – Day 20-28

Date:  Nov 17, 2012

Day 20 (Nov 11, Sunday) – Breakfast

Got to love my Air Fryer.

 IMG 2076

My lovely breakfast.  Of course, I will not eat the skin.  a pear, Cumcumbers, yellow Cherry Tomatos, a Japanese healthy kids noodle and my lovely chicken.

IMG 2077

Day 20 (Nov 11, Sunday) – Lunch

After 3 weeks, I am 3 years younger.  And my weight first time reach below 85kg.

IMG 2090

We went for hair cut, after hair cut, we ate at Paradise Restaurant.  As usual, I ordered my 3 eggs veggies and the Thai Veggie.  And I order a fish for my family, and some tofu.

IMG 2169

Day 20 (Nov 11, Sunday) – Dinner

I had a pear.  I love this pear.

IMG 2191

Boon Ching cooked these food… I ate only the Veggie plus my Trim Shake.

IMG 2190

Day 21 (Nov 12, Monday) – Breakfast.

Some turkey breast meat with my favourite wholewheat bun, corn flakes, pear and tomatoes.

IMG 2192

Day 21 (Nov 12, Monday) – Lunch.  We stopped by our favourite Yong Tou Fu place.  But by 12:30pm, they have already sold out.  Hock Koon managed to get a bowl, and I go order 2 veggies, 2 meat and less rice from the mixed veggies cooked food shop.

Day 21 (Nov 12, Monday) – Dinner.  OK.  Today I went to TRA class, they are introducing the Galvanic SPA.  I was rushing, so, I only eat 1 apple before the class, but I did not manage to eat any food.  Felt a bit hungry.  So, when I went home, I straight away drink the Trim Shake.

Day 22 (Nov 13, Tuesday) – Breakfast.  Happy Deepavali.  Breakfast with blueberry wholemeal flakes, tomatoes, pear, and a chicken.

IMG 2200

Day 22 (Nov 13, Tuesday) – Lunch.  Then, Alice came to my place and cook.

IMG 2210

She and her team, cooked many dishes for me to taste.

IMG 2216

So, it was a disaster.  As there are very tasty chicken, lala, steam fish, steam egg, cabbages, spinach, steak, roasted pork, binjal.  I every thing eat a bit.

IMG 2286

and I also drink …

IMG 2290IMG 2305

and these.  So, there is a lot of food.  And 3-3-3-3 are not followed today.

IMG 2295

Later, I went for a run+walk for 1 hour.

Day 22 (Nov 13, Tuesday) – Dinner.  1x star fruits.

IMG 2347

A bowl of vegetable soup with ox tail.

IMG 2348

Day 23 (Nov 14, Wednesday) – Breakfast.

IMG 2349

Day 23 (Nov 14, Wednesday) – Lunch.  Azmi is in town.  So, I ate buffet lunch at his hotel.  First, the veggies.

IMG 2360

Then, the meat.

IMG 2361

Day 23 (Nov 14, Wednesday) – Dinner.  Another buffet at Hyatt’s Strait kitchen.  Ate green apple.  two bowl of veggies.  duck meat, satay, indian chicken, etc.

IMG 2364

Day 24 (Nov 15, Thursday) – Breakfast.  Decided to cooked 6 eggs and eat.  Some chicken and rice too.  

IMG 2368

Day 24 (Nov 15, Thursday) – Lunch.  Eat at Skinny pizza.  a bowl of corn soup.

IMG 2370

Squid ink pizza.  With lots of veggies.

IMG 2372

Day 24 (Nov 15, Thursday) – Dinner.  Oh dear, we were at Le Bristol du sommelier.  Two bottle of wine and…

IMG 2382

And my favourite, 1KG of cote du beouf.

IMG 2383

Day 25 (Nov 16, Friday) – Breakfast.

IMG 2385

Day 25 (Nov 16, Friday) – Lunch.  We ate at the Taiwanese restaurant.  We order some veggies, chicken, meat, and many more.  A lot of food.

Day 25 (Nov 16, Friday) – Dinner.  The iCook cookware came.  So, we used that to cook.  I eat only one piece of chicken.

IMG 2484

Star fruits.

IMG 2481


IMG 2482


IMG 2483

Steam egg.

IMG 2485

Day 26 (Nov 17, Saturday) – Breakfast.  A roast chicken.

  IMG 2489

Day 26 (Nov 17, Saturday) – Lunch.  Alice come and cook Pen Cai.  

IMG 2581

Drink some wine…

IMG 2580

and this…

IMG 2590

and some side dishes.

IMG 2592

And chocolate lava cake.

IMG 2593

Day 26 (Nov 17, Saturday) – Dinner.  We went to Tanglin mall.

IMG 2620

Apple plus celery.

IMG 2621

Day 27 (Nov 18, Sunday) – Breakfast.  Cook a piece of steak.

 IMG 2631

Day 27 (Nov 18, Sunday) – Lunch.    I only eat meat, no carbo at Monster curry.  plus an apple.

IMG 2651

Day 27 (Nov 18, Sunday) – Dinner.   

IMG 2677

Beef veggie soup.

IMG 2679

Day 28 (Nov 19, Monday) – Breakfast.

  IMG 2688

Day 28 (Nov 19, Monday) – Lunch.  

IMG 2690

Day 28 (Nov 19, Monday) – Dinner.  

IMG 2695

The meat is so good, and I cannot resist it.

IMG 2694

It was a very disaster week.  But one thing glad is after all those buffet, these nice beef, 盆菜, and wine, cheese, etc.  

VFat still remain.

IMG 0163

Weight more heavy by 1KG.

IMG 0164

But not the fat.  Cool.

IMG 0165

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