TRA Detox Diary – Day 15-19

Date:  Nov 11, 2012

Day 15 – Breakfast.  I put in a Mushroom soup into my breakfast.  Together with cherry tomatoes.  I like this particular brand of wholewheat bread bun, with turkey breast meat. 

IMG 1916

Day 15 – Lunch.  OK.  This afternoon, I suppose to be on Trim Shake.  But I forgot to break, instead, I reminded myself to eat lesser.  i.e. small meal.  But I ate this instead.  An apple to start.  I ate the veggies.  1x salted egg fried prawn.  1x Kong Bak Pao.

IMG 1927

And a bowl of black chicken herbal soup.

IMG 1926

Day 15 – Dinner.  Today, we go to Zhou Zhuang (周庄) restaurant and eat.  I will do a extra blog on that matter.  But this is what I have on my plate.  OMG!  That is a whole a lot of things to eat.  Almost half a plate are veggies (out of the three type of veggies), then, egg white, chicken meat, etc.  And then finally rice.  WOW.  I really did not know I need to eat that much!  After I come back home, I went to walk for 1 hour just to burn the food I just eaten.

IMG 1937

Day 16 – Breakfast.  Raquel cooked potatoes mince pork yesterday while I was not at home.  So I took the overnight dish and warm it.  Together with my cherry tomatoes and Japanese cucumbers and rice.  Of course not forget of my pear.

IMG 1940

Day 16 – Lunch.  OK.  Today I have to eat myself.  I went to the Airport to picked my Thailand customers.  Before that, I order a mixed veggie rice.  So, I asked the man to give me 1/3 or rice, and packed it with 2x veggies, eggs, pork and herbal chicken.  Oh boy, that’s expensive.  And of course, not to forget my apple.

IMG 1943

Day 16 – Dinner.  As usual, a pear, a veggie, and Trim Shake.

IMG 1944

Thanks Conrad’s daddy bring us the grapes.  It is sweet and nice.  I top up my fruits with these grapes.

IMG 1946

Day 17 – Breakfast.  My favourite wholewheat bun with smoke duck meat, and tomato salad.

IMG 1948

Day 17 – Lunch.  I am glad that Michelle and Alice came to visit.  So, we have lunch together.  These two friends are on Amway’s diet plan, which is almost the same as the TRA.  So, also eat lots of veggies and meat and little carbo.  I ate an apple before the meal.

We ordered a Thai style Kai Lan.  And then the 3 eggs spinach.  We have a drunken chicken.  Of course I ate without the skin.

IMG 1953

The soup is white bok choy soup.  Very nice.

IMG 1954

We order a steam Cod fish too.

IMG 1955

Lastly a dear meat.

IMG 1956

Day 17 – Dinner.  I had a heavy lunch.  So at night, a plate of veggie + Trim Shake and a nice pear.

IMG 1976

Day 18 – Breakfast.  Today, I felt very energetic, hungry in the morning.  So, I have an apple.  Japanese Cucumbers, and baby carrots.  Can’t resist a mushroom soup.  A sardine (overnight meal).  And my usual wholewheat bun with turkey ham.

IMG 1980

Day 18 – Lunch.  I have to go into Malaysia to see my lawyer.  So, I tabao from behind my mom’s place some mixed veggies.  I ordered a curry fish, a sweet and sour pork, 2 types of veggies, and my mom’s fried noodles.  

IMG 1989

Day 18 – Dinner.  As for dinner.  I ate the Pear & Veggies with my Trim Shake.

Day 19 – Breakfast.  Veggie + Tomato.  A potato soup.  Pear and Kiwi.  Potato Chicken.

IMG 1993

Day 19 – Lunch. At expo, I order two types of veggies.  Tofu, Meat.  And Chicken.

IMG 1997

Day 19 – Dinner.  I ate my Pear, Veggies tomato.  And Trim Shake before I go Kampong night.  There, I cannot resist.  I ate a little bit too.

IMG 2052

As you can see, I found my way to eat a lot.  Not cutting down.  But eat a lot.

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