TRA Class – Eating Out

Date: Nov 11, 2012

Ok. This is the third week, after 20 days enrolled in this NuSkin TRA course. Unofficial weight 3 weeks ago was 92Kg. Official recorded weight without breakfast and lunch was 89.9Kg.
And today, again, I see the weight dropped steadily to 84.7Kg. That is cool!

I want to summarized my comments on last Tuesday TRA class #2 that I have attended.

The class was conducted outside at Zhou Zhuang (周庄) restaurant. The trainers are teaching is how to order food from outside restaurant, what to eat and most importantly how much to eat!

Ok. They served three types of veggies. And this is the portion I ought to eat. The trainer say it’s to little. I was like what!?

Look at my fist and the meat I took. It’s not a fist size of meat. Trainer said I am obviously under eat.

Ok, after that, the trainer keep adding veggies and meat on to my plates. I was like wow!

That is really a big plate of food there. I doubt it very much. I asked the trainer. Are you sure we are in a diet class?

The trainer explained. You must eat the palm size of veggie, fist size of meat and egg for protein and a half fist size of carbo rice.

If I don’t eat that way, I will feel hungry. When I am hungry my metabolism will drop. And that is where it will store fat.

So I seek for scientific explanation and they could not give me one. But I realized that I have been eating this was for the past few weeks …

Imagine my breakfast is like that from zero nothing…


And yet, my V.fat, fat, body weight just keep going down. That is amazing, and there is no scientific explanation to this, and it just happen this way. My body is like adjusting itself to this healthy diet life style and keep expelling the data that is surrounding my organs. This is good thou! So let’s see what I will become after the 12 weeks course. Of course the executer must have a strong mind and determination too! 加油!

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