Kampong Night 2012

Date: 10-11-12

We went to the Kampong Night 2012 just opposite out place.

Since it is opposite only, we decided to walk there. Kids, start walking!

This is the first time the kids cross this pedestrian bridge. They love it!

There is a small playground for kids there.

They put up some kampong style game. This is 踢毽子.

Jay Jay, are you sure you know how to kick?

Ok! One time is good enough! Hahaha

Next is the Go Li (Marbles)…

Yes! Jay Jay is playing Go Li for the first time.

Use the blue marbles to kick the other marbles outside the ring.

He has lots of style.

Pick up sticks.

Aiden, Brayden, Jay & Kay playing some kampong games.

It’s time to eat!

The Hokkien Mee is really nice.

Brayden: Push me please!
Justin & Jay push Brayden.
Non-stop pushing the swing!

Justin pushing the tyre rim with a stick!

Lastly, it’s cartoon and movie time.

Wow! Indeed lots of kids.

Once a while is nice to go to this kind of event. It is organized by West Coast CC. In fact, my wife bought the Ayer Rajah CC’s ticket too mistakenly for the Yun Nan Restaurant dinner. Also held today at the same time. So we choose to come the kampong style, and gave the dinner tickets to my sister and family.

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