Yellow Tip – Grading

Date:  Nov 6, 2012

Last Sunday, Jay Jay went for grading for his Yellow Tip pattern.

IMG 1802

During the Internal grading, he perform a few mistakes.

IMG 1806

So, the lesson to him is… 

1.  Don’t be too over confident.  If you don’t practise, you will have errors.

2.  You must practise every day.  Only practise more than you become master.

So, I lectured him this because I see that it is a good opportunity to make him understand the above 2 points.  Remember, after he got his yellow tip, I taught him the full 16 steps of yellow tip pattern in the following two weeks.  The coach has not teach them all the steps, but he already knew it.  Then, he chosen not to practice it in the morning for weeks until the grading.  And what happen, wrong legs, wrong punch because of a wrong start.  ahhahaha I am glad it happen so that I can teach him on the above two points.

By now, I think he knew.  So, when we went home, he keep practicing and think about his steps until he is fluent again with his yellow tip pattern.  And he can even explain to me the self defence mechanisms.  Which is good.

So, on Sunday, he went in for 5 minutes and he said… “Good!  All of you passed”… so big smile on his face…

IMG 1871

So, next week, he is going to get his yellow belt.  Yeah!

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