TRA Detox Diary – Day 11-12

Date:  Nov 4, 2012

Day 11 – Breakfast.  Let’s try grill chicken today.  Using the Air Fryer.

IMG 1766

Again, I had an healthy breakfast.  With Japanese zucchini, Apple, baby carrots and tomatoes.  For carbo, I take soba as a meal.

IMG 1767

Day 11 – Lunch.  Ok, we need to meet up Lay Khuan today.  So, we eat near by.  This will be damaging to my TRA.  But let’s see how it is.   Duck meat, Siew Bak, and Duck sour veggie soup.  I drank a lot of soup, eat the meat, may be over 1 fist meat, but no veggie (except the sour veggie) and 1/3 carbo.  That is the best I can do.  I do eat an apple before depart.  1F-0.5V-1.5P-0.33C

IMG 1782

Day 11 – Dinner.  I made myself the usual salad – Cheery Tomato with Japanese zucchini, and a pear.  Then Trim Shake will take care the rest.  But I cannot resist to eat a few chicken meat and potato cooked by Raquel.  hahaha

Day 12 – Morning.   Surprisingly, the wheat bun is very nice with the Turkey breast.

IMG 1798

Day 12 – Lunch.  Aiyo… I feel like rewarding myself today.  And we found this The Star at Buona Vista.  so much things to eat.  

IMG 1817

And we have to choose this restaurant that gives free meal for kids on weekends.  Of course, I ate 1/2 plate of salad.  yes, a bit of cheese.

IMG 1830

I did not eat the skin.  I peeled all the skins away.  I did not take the cold slaw in mayo.  I certainly eat only 3-5 french fries.  I felt like I am wasting food.

IMG 1831

Usually I have a beer.  But for this 90 days, NO ALCOHOL.  Try la.

IMG 1834

Day 12 – Dinner.  This is interesting.. I fried noodles and I steam mussels.  And I cannot eat all of them.  So, I take Pear, cheery tomatoes, Japanese Zuchinni, as dinner as well as Trim Shake.

How I feel. I feel great when the weight drop below 87KG.  But strangely I felt quite tired.  Not sure wire.  But the routine is still there.


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