Children Eat Free At This Restaurant

Date:  Nov 4, 2012

Yesterday was an interesting day.  First we found this huge mall at the Buona Vista there.  We will not seen this mall if there wasn’t a rare traffic jam at ECP.  So, knowing that the jam is ahead, we turned out to Buona Vista, and there we saw this mall.  Since when there is this huge mall here?
Then, we found this restaurant called Morganfield, a Western food cuisine.  And the kids can eat here for FREE during weekend.  So, we said, we must try it out.  
Ok, I think Jay Jay is slightly over 120cm, so, we have to sneak him in.  So, we got two adults and two kids, then it is just nice that we redeem two FREE kids meal.  There are about 5-6 kids items available, so we chosen the Hotdog and Fish Fingers.  There are also burgers, pizza, and so on for the kids.
Their smoked ribs seems to be a favorite.  Almost every table has one plate.  So, we will order that later.
While waiting for food, Jay Jay was winning our favorite Spot-It card game.  And he now can win his grandmother… Haha he felt damn happy about it.
Kay Kay’s free hotdog bun with fries is here!  Wow… Although is free, I think the serving the full size meal to the kids.  It’s too much for Kay Kay.  Btw, the sausage is very nice.
The fish fingers is huge too for Jay Jay.  It also comes with a bowl of coleslaw.  So far so good.
Since I am on diet, so, I will need veggies.  This is my Ceasars salad. 
And my protein and carbo is next.  A nice peri peri chicken.  And too bad, I cannot eat the chicken skins.  Haha.  I also cannot take too much fries too.  Haha but the chicken is nice too.  And again, big portions.
This is their famous half a rack ribs.  The potato mash is decent, and the meat, is really good.  Very soft and tasty.  I ate just a small piece, and my wife will finish it all later.
The kids are enjoying their big servings of FREE food.
Ok! I am on diet, no alcohol.  So, to help her swallow the ribs, I ordered the beer for her, and it comes with a chip so that you can rebate a half pint free during happy hour.  What? Happy hour during the lunch time? That’s good bargain!
The scenery is nice and the kids are happy with their FREE food.  Hahaha
Indeed, this is a very good marketing strategic.  Normaly, when you get FREE food, it does come in a small plate or small bowl, this place, they give you huge plate.  Haha I think it worth it.  And because, you know you are paying lesser, phychology 101, you order more as it is still within budget.  Hahaha I recommend try this place if you have kids and you do not want to pay more.
The Star is also copy the idea from Bangkok, where they lots of such similar eatery place with few retails hops and it is open air.  Cool concept too.

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