Recycling Toys

Date:  Nov 4, 2012

There are toys that you bought long time ago, and you kept it in the store room.  If you have a younger kid, then, it is time to dig it out and see if it interests the kids or not.
For example, Beyblades… Oh ya, they are still interested in it.  So, both kids the whole day say 3-2-1 let it go!  And they can still spent some quality times playing with it.  Bear in mind, when the elder one go into primary school, the school kids is going to talk about it.  And I am sure, Jay’s reaction will be, ya, I have those.  Hahaha it gives him a conversation topic to talk about, and it gives them those confident that he needs in social interactions.  As for Kay Kay, he is in learning stage, and improving his playing skills too.  Already, in class he and his buddies already talking about Beyblades.
And this… Jay has this since 4 years old.  At that time, Kay Kay still very young.  Does not know what is Thomas.  Now he loves Thomas.  And interestingly, the two brothers found a new way of playing with the Thomas tent.  One grab the front, one grab the back, and they start dancing LION DANCE with this Thomas tent.  Dong dong Chiang, dong dong Ching… Hahaha that is creativity you want your child to build.  We were quite surprise when we see both doing that.  The elder one will suggest, and the younger one will do and follow.  Great stuff!
And for the first time ever, the tent is place on Jay Jay’s bed, and Jay sleep inside the Thomas tent.  Wow… What fun is that to a kid? A lot of fun, and sweet memories.  
Childhood memory is very important to a child, and that help to shape his characters.  

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