TRA Detox Diary – Day 13

Date:  Nov 4, 2012

This is day 13 and today, my weight went down again.  Now, I am below 86KG.  And the weight has been steady at 86KG+ for a couple of day before it finally went down.  Amazing thing is I now eat full breakfast before I do exercise.  So, I guess, that is a good sign.  Burn my fat, build my muscle.

IMG 1858

Day 13 – Breakfast.  Same old breakfast, and tomatoes.  And I open a can food, a sardine soaked in sunflower oil.  Quite tasty.  Also, another thing is, actually, I can cook for my family and I will eat it just one meal later.  Which is in the morning.  haha, so, I ate the fried noodle that I cooked yesterday.

IMG 1854

Day 13 – Lunch.  We went to my favourite Cz’car @ Great World City.  And because me and Jay Jay busying buying our Lego parts, we let Mommy go and order.  And you look at what she ordered.  hahahaha so little.  I already told her, I need food to burn fat, and yet, she order so pathetic meat for me.  hahaha  and we have to share it between Jay, mommy and myself.

IMG 1885

But I do eat a lot of veggies.

IMG 1888

And tofu…

IMG 1887

and more veggies.  Bittergoud tofu.

IMG 1886

Day 13 – Dinner.  Start with a pear.

IMG 1889

First veggie.

IMG 1890

And the bean sprout that we grow ourselves.

IMG 1891

Note:  my wife discover that my facial complexion is very good for the past few days, and she thought of “stealing” my R2.  hahaha 

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