TRA Detox Diary – Day 8-10

Date: Nov 1, 2012

Day 8 – Breakfast.

Yesterday my wife was making Rum & Raisin ice-cream.  So, she used up all the egg york, and left 6x egg white for me.  Wow.  That is a lot.

 IMG 1695

So, let’s try to make this egg white interesting.  Adding salt, butter and pepper in it.

IMG 1696

Pan fry it.

IMG 1698

And it becomes part of my breakfast.

IMG 1700

Weight myself.  See a new figure.  Lowest is 86.7KG from 92KG.  Good job, I think.

IMG 1705

Day 8 – Lunch.  Eating food court.  So, I have this Buddha Jumping over the wall, and a plate of bean sprouts, and half a bowl of rice.  Meeting Benney for lunch.

IMG 1707

At night, Dr. James Chia from the NuSkin gave us our first TRA class lesson.  Great details of information makes me think how I should eat.  Will blog this in another blog.

IMG 1716

Day 8 – Dinner.  Ate 2x Apples, and Japanese Cucumbers with Trim Shake.

Day 9 – Breakfast.  Decided to cook the Black Pepper Smoke Duck in the morning.

IMG 1732

Before cook.

IMG 1734

After cook, as you can see a lot of animal fat oil.  Don’t drink those.

IMG 1738

Also, get rid of the skin.

IMG 1739

I cooked Miso soup with my Miso paste.

IMG 1740

Let’s see if this buckwheat is nice or not.

IMG 1741

As I said, the breakfast is the meal I look forward every day.

IMG 1742

Measure myself on the Omron weighting machine.

My weight.

IMG 0153

My body age reduced by 2 now after 9 days.

IMG 0149

The BMI.

IMG 0150

The visceral fat reduced by 2 as well.  I need to reduce this to lower than 5.

IMG 0152

The fat has also reduced.  Great sign.  Keep up the good work, Ken!

IMG 0148

Day 9 – Lunch.  I ate at Fish & co.  As I got Fahim as my guest, who can eat halal food only.  I ate a bowl of mushroom, and veggies salad with balsamic vinegar.  As you can see, ever since I took the class yesterday, I know now how to eat.  Of course, I ate an apple before I come down.

IMG 1747

I removed the skin, and eat the chicken meat.  And my carbo – potato mash.

IMG 1748

Day 9 – Dinner.  I need to wait for Thayawat at the airport.  So, I went to Starbucks, and bought myself this. 

IMG 1750

Of course, before the meal, I ate two apples.  And this.  The Coffee Balsamic dressing is interesting.  hahaha  But it is nice.

IMG 1752

Day 10 – Breakfast.  It is a mistake that I use that Hokkaido yogurt milk.  Yeaks!

IMG 1756

Recorded the lowest weight for the last year.

IMG 0154

Day 10 – Lunch.  OK.  Jin Siong visited us.  Rare guest.  So, we went to eat at SICC.  Aiyo, boss keep asking me to get a SICC membership.  Let’s see how.

Eat at the Chinese Restaurant.  So, 1x Siew Mai, 1x You Tiao Chang Fen, 1x bowl of soup, 1x Char Siew Bao, 1x Bowl of veggies, 1x Chicken leg with skin, 4x braise peanuts, 1x shui jiao.  Of course, I ate 1x apple.  And drink a glass of latte with a small biscuits.  This probably the biggest meal I had since 10 days ago.

Day 10 – Dinner.   Today eat new things.  Baby carrots, with Japanese Cucumbers, and tomatoes. 

IMG 1758

Of course, I am finishing my pear.  hahaha

IMG 1759

And Trim Shake.

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