TRA Detox Diary – Day 6

Date:  Oct 29, 2012

Day 6 – Lunch.  Early in the morning, 10am, I need to sent both kids to Art Boot Camp.  After that, immediately, I transported Jay to his Taewwondo class.  It is then, I took a green apple.  After his Taekwondo class, we were at Sultan Plaza for his Violin class.  What a rushing day.  It is then, we ate at this noodle shop.  We order a hot pot spinach and a friend noodle to share with Jay.  Of course, he ate 70% of the noodle, I only take in 30% of it.  So, I end up having 1 portion of fruit, 2 portions of veggies, no meat (no protein) and 1 portion of carbo.

IMG 1683

Day 6 – Dinner.  My customer came from Malaysia at 6:30PM just to meet up with me.  So I know I have to spent time with him tonight to talk about things.  I asked Azmi, what he wanted to eat.  He said he is not hungry.  But he did mention that he and his friend went to Penang last week and was unable to find any good Durian.  So, I told myself, this is bad.  Here my friend wants to eat Durian, it will be cruel if I don’t bring him to eat durian especially, he is leaving early in the morning at 6AM flight.  So, how can I disappoint him?  So, we went to 717.

IMG 1684

There, we eat the durian.  Of course, he was eating the most of it.  We open a big Cat Mountain King and a small one.  I believe I ate 7-8 pieces of durian.  So, that is 1 portion of protein and 1 portion of carbo, may be?

Screen Shot 2012 10 29 at 8 20 53 AM

But it produce a lot of energy, and I need to walk a lot to burn those energy.  hahaha.  That concludes the 6th day of my TRA course.  And another 84 days to go.  Oh dear.  But the great motivation is you see how your weight dropped from 92KG to a healthy 87KG in 6 days, so, let’s see how it goes for week #2.

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