Gangnam Style

Date:  Oct 29, 2012

Oh no.  I think I fall into that category too.  “I’m just a fat man with two kids”.

IMG 0639

OK.  So, last saturday, after the parent teacher meeting.  The kids went to Lukas’s home to play there.  We actually leave the kids there, and it is very kind that Cheryl (Lukas’ mom says he will sent Kay Kay back to our place and sent Jay Jay to Berries @ ARC later at 3PM).  Lukas and Jay will be going to the same primary school next year, and he stay just 700m away from our place.

So, what can the 4 kids do at home?  Watch youtube?  Lukas daddy turn on their youtube and show the Gangnam Style video.

IMG 1600

So, with no surprise… “Sexy Lady” come out from their mouth and they start to follow how to dance.  Even Kay Kay dance, can you imagine that?  hahaha

Here is the video clips of all 4 boys trying to dance Gangnam Style.


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