I Am Watching What I Eat

Date:  Oct 23, 2012

For almost 10 years.  Dr. Chook marked “Obese” in my medical reports.  I have been taking medicines to control my cholesterol, high blood pressure.  

My weight is increasing on the rate of 1-2KG per year steadily for the last 10 years.  This is despite of the exercise that you do.  I usually eat more after I exercise.  Well, that is a bit wrong.

I wake up in the morning, I like to cycle.  I thought I cycle 20KM in the morning would be enough.  But I did one thing wrong.  My stomach was empty when I cycle.  There is no calories to burn when you exercise with empty stomach.

When your feet feel tired, you know it is your weight that is causing the pain.

When your right hand had a little numb from time to time after riding the bike, you know that you need to do something about your weight.

So, my wife finally convince me to see her friend, Yenni.  And I went to see Yenni.  To listen to her what is her approach.

I did this for my family.  My boys are 3 years old and 6 years old.  So, I figure, I need to have many more years to see them growing up.  So, the motivation is there.

IMG 3847

Today mark the first day of my new healthy life style.  And I need to do this for 3 months to see weather it works or not.  So, it is sorely depending on my determinations.  May the force be with me.

This will be my Fruit (Apple), (Veggie) Cherry Tomato, 2 slices of whole meal bread toast, and a steamy egg white.  Wow… it will be the first time I ate an egg without egg york.  Cool.  Very fortunate, I am a cook.  So, I know how to season it to make it taste nice, to fit my taste bud.  

IMG 1436

Of course, I am keeping a Food Diary too.

IMG 1440

Basically, I need to record down, all the food, drinks intake every meal, every day.  It will take a huge commitment to do so.  Since it is year end, life should be better during year end, so, let’s give it a try.

IMG 1441

Actually it is tough for me as I am going to Hokkaido in Dec, Dec is Christmas parties month, also I got a few seminars need to go, and I need to bring customer around to play golf, etc etc.  But since I have already promise to do it, I will keep this promise.  Means, no alcohol (try to), no steak, no fat food, no 暴饮暴食 for the next three month.  Hopefully after three months later, my body feels younger, and I have a good eating habit.

IMG 1442

OK… Let’s see some interesting stats…

1.  I am 167cm, and at present 89.6Kg.  Even I feel heavy.

2.  By theory, and formula, my IDEAL weight is 60.9Kg.  I am about 29Kg OVERWEIGHT.  No wonder Dr. Chook always say I am OBESE.  Here is the reason.

3.  What does that mean?  It means, out of my 89.6Kg weight, 27.5Kg is FAT.  HaHa… imagine you go market and buy a Pork belly where 30% of it is the fat, pork lard.  haHaHaHa  

4.  So, I don’t foresee that I can cut off 29Kg of my weight.  But I think I will feel lighter, if I am 75Kg.  So, I would love to set 75Kg as my target instead of the extreme 60.9Kg.

5.  So, my IDEAL weight is 60.9Kg, that will make my ideal fat as 12.1Kg which is < 20% of my body mass.

IMG 1445

6.  Next, it is your muscle.  Currently, my muscle % is only 28.5%.  Out of the 89.6Kg of body mass, only 25.5Kg are muscle.  I need to grow my muscle to more than 33%.  So, need more exercise.

7.  We don’t care about the BMI.  It is just an ratio against your height.  But anyway, the figure is high too.

IMG 1446

8.  The level of fat surrounding your organs.  The idea is 1 to 9.  Wow, I scored 20.  Which is > 12, which translate to higher risk to all kind of illness.

IMG 1447

9.  Lastly, my anti-oxydent level is low.  I got a very low skin carotenoid score.  Means I need to eat more mangosteen, angmo liu lian, those kind of stuff.

IMG 1448

So as you can see, with almost 90KG.  I feel very heavy now, and I need to do something.  Thank you for my wife to force me to see Yenni.  And basically have an understanding on how bad is my situations.  The investment is only 3 months.  So, let’s give it a trial.  From time to time, I will check back and see what is my progress.

May the force be with me!


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