Date:  Oct 23, 2012

Unboxing my new iCade.

IMG 1328

I saw it at 赛格广场, so I bought it and bring it back from China.  Weight only 3-4 KG with the box.

IMG 1260

Let’s open it.

IMG 1321

Looks real to me.  But we all know it is an imitation.   🙂

IMG 1322

Open the top hatch, it has the instructions.

IMG 1323

It’s bluetooth, so it needs battery.

IMG 1324

Of course, if you have power adapter, it can accept power too.

IMG 1325

The joystick feels good.  Just like those normal one you saw on the game arcade centre. 

IMG 1326

Now I know why it called iCade.  ArCade. iCade.

IMG 1327

So, I downloaded a dozen of games.  And it feels right, and good on the iCade.  The best is this airplane shooting game.  hahaha

IMG 1333

The controller manual for some common games, etc.

IMG 1336

This is how I reward my son.

IMG 1427

He has done well remembering all these Chinese words and Spellings.

IMG 1429

So, I let him play on my iCade for 10min while I take a shower.  He enjoys it.  

IMG 1431

So, it looks like a real arcade game.  So, I expose him to it first at this age.  So that next time he does not have to 偷偷去 arcade centre.  Let me got familiar with all the joysticks, etc.  🙂

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