Jay Jay’s 2nd Art Boot Camp Class

Date:  Oct 21, 2012

Today, Jay Jay’s violin teacher is not around, so, again, we “use” Kay’s Art Boot Camp time slot to let Jay Jay take another lesson together with Kay Kay.

Today, we have a surprise, as Jay’s classmate – Mikayla also join the same time slot.  So as Mikayla’s sister.  So we have 4 school mates in the same class.

IMG 1373

As usual, Kay Kay is with Teacher Tina.  And Jay Jay with Teacher Nancy.

IMG 1367

Let the painting begins…

IMG 1374

A quick dry up using the hair dryer.

IMG 1375

OK.  I still could not make out what he is trying to draw.  He told me it is an umbrella.  hahaha

IMG 1378

Well, he is having fun there, at least.

IMG 1381

Teacher Nancy helping out a bit… instructing him where to draw.

IMG 1385

Almost done!

IMG 1388

OK… Its a green beach ball on the beach, with a colourful umbrella, and sun sets.  This is Jay Jay’s work.  hahahaha

IMG 1389

This is what Kay Kay drew today.

IMG 1382

Arts is good for kids.  🙂


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