RIP Pacific Internet

Date:  Oct 20, 2012

I worked for Pacific Internet for 9 years.  Later I joined a company who wanted to buy Pacific Internet.  But we failed to buy.  Pacific Internet become PacNet (combine with ANC).  And now PacNet is shutting down the retail service.  Means,,,,, all will become a legend.

Here are some of the memories of Pacific Internet (the before PacNet era).

Ken on stageThe 1996 Systems Engineering team.  This team build email servers, web services, roaming solutions, and best of all, the one that makes us proud too is rabbit’s squid proxy server cache.  I remember we have to assemble 16-20 PC Servers from parts got from Simlim and using the super powerful RAID controller, etc etc.  The cost of making it, less than $160K, and it caches almost 40% of the entire Singapore traffic.  Other provider spent few millions to buy Netcache, etc etc.  Their engineers had very good life.  Our engineers, have a very fun life.

1997 engineering00

Mainly the network team, and business team.  Like a family.

1996 engineering

The second generation of systems engineering team.  During a Hawaiian Fiesta night.  1999 I think.

1998 dd00

The wedding of our lovely secretary Esline.

Wedding eslineamos

Spent a year in Hong Kong helping the gang to transform from Super Net to Pacific Internet Hong Kong.  1998.  We must get ready our systems and prepare for the Y2K to come.  We threw away 33 servers and setup 16 new Y2K ready servers.

1998 psn01

The Hong Kong team.  1998.

1998 psn03

Outing on the beach.  I miss you guys.

1998 psn00



The management team who came to Hong Kong. 1998.  Which includes the mighty queen of consumer Internet.  🙂  She really the biggest reason why Pacific Internet grows the numbers in a short few years.

1998 psn09

Our lovely CEO – Nicholas Lee.


The network and NOC team.  2000.  We have powerful people in this team.  

1998 engineering

Spent 3 long months in Australia… 1998.  I am not sure why Rohan look at Marie like that… don’t care, let’s take our photo.

1998 au02

The original Pacific Internet Australia team.  1998.  I believe this is the Peter Knox era.  

1998 au01

The regional management meeting.  


I miss those bowling sessions.  Every now and then, HR will organise the bowling event once a quarter or so.

2001 bowling

The Lovely Pacific Internet Thailand Team.  In one of the Thailand review meeting.


There is always one master and one apprentice …. and of course, the lovely Mike’s secretary in Pacific Internet Thailand…

Pith receipt01

We always enjoys working with the Pacific Internet Thailand team.


We drank a lot.  The Thais love to drink.


We sing a lot.


We dance.


And we work together closely.  And they have become a core team for the Regional team.  The core… Warakorn, Thayawat, and the mighty khun Mike.


Setting up Pacific Internet Malaysia.  Road Trip.  We are trying to see how to setup the ISP unit in Malaysia.

IMG 0718

This is the great CBG (Corporate Business Group) team.  I know, I am not good in naming, and I am not Hokkien.  So, live with the name.  CB-G team. hahaha

2000 dd00

I really miss those sport activities.  The great Netball event.  Me and the CBG team.


Netball… the Engineering team.


The team building event at Bintan.


The Kota Kinabalu team…. Remember PacFusion?


The CBG team.


I miss those birthday parties.  Who’s the boss again?


Bintan Trip is always fun!  The great CBG outing.


The banana boat definitely is a memory.


Guiding the banana boat is not easy, but we made it.


Love those parties in the office.


The great CBG parties at my place.

9w Big Family3e452ff631

More parties at my place.


How many bottles can get us drunk?

CBG s Day 002

Annual Dinner

Copy of engineering ken 2

Annual Dinner

Copy of engineering ken 2

Really got to love the CBG parties.

CBG s Day 003

Every reseller night seems endless night endless drinking…

Cbg 2001 reseller

Good friends gathered together.  

2000 bintan00

More people got married.

Wedding benjoyce

Funny Annual Dinner.

2001 dd01

The above are the photos I had for the whole 9 years … 



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  1. Very poignant, thanks much for sharing all this with us ordinary users. I am counting down to end of my pacnet email address in just a few hours. Wishing you all the best for the next phase of ur working life!

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