TRA Detox Diary – Day 2

Date:  Oct 24, 2012

Day 1, Lunch:  This is what I had for lunch.  I have to meet my customer at Fish & Co.  So, I took a look at the menu, and I don’t like the healthy food at all.  I love the Fish, the seafood, but I know I cannot eat.  So, I order this Soba with veggie and Prawns underneath.  Not so great, but I feel it meet the requirement of the TRA lunch recommendation.  Except that I don’t know where to find my fruit. haha

IMG 1452

Day 1, 4PM:  I went to Super market.  I think I should buy some veggies, fruits.  So, I brought along my Food Diary.  And guess what I found…

All the food I love are ALL listed under the RED Zone.

IMG 1456

Those that I try not to touch are here.

IMG 1457

And oh boy, I really have no clue what I should eat.  My goodness.  Within the next three months, I cannot eat a lot of things.. I must go thru the discipline and I must be a good kid.

IMG 1458

Hey, this bread looks nice.  Feels heavy.  But I am not sure whether can eat or not.  Buy first.

IMG 1459

This is the nutrition facts.  Hey… I started to look at the nutrition facts.  But I am still not sure whether can eat or not.  Buy first la.  haha a

IMG 1461

Here is another one.

IMG 1462

Day 1, Dinner:  OK.  It’s going to be pear and veggies.  Today I got two types of veggies.   but I think I ate a little bit too much as I still have to drink the Trim Shake.

IMG 1467

About the pear, it is very sweet.  But Can I really eat it?  Aiya… Don’t care… it says I can eat pear, don’t care whether sweet or not sweet.  I eat.  

IMG 1466

Day 1 Food Diary.

IMG 1495

Day 2.  In the morning…  I wake up at 5am.  And I made myself the breakfast I like.  I got a feeling that I am going to look forward to my every breakfast meal as it is going to be a very nice meal that I prepare for myself.

yellow cherry tomatoes, green apple, celery with extra light less fat mayo.  Yup, I start using a less fat mayo.  Surprise.

The whole meal toast bread spread with butter and lean chicken breakfast ham.

IMG 1476

Oh yes.  I used my favourite French butter, but EXTRA light… 75% FAT free.  This is going to be my best friend from now.

IMG 1475

I went for my usual cycle for 22KM, for 1 hour and 15 min.

IMG 1477

Day 2, Lunch:  OK.  I walked and walked, finally come to Tower 4 and eat the Souperlicious.  I ordered a Pumpkin soup and a veggies healthy salad.  Wow.  All veggies, and I forgot about the meat/protein.  so, later I walk to the other side and top up with a big Chicken Pao.  Still no fruits, but at least I got the carbo (pao) and protein (meat) done.

Day 2, 5PM:  Went to NTT new office launch event.  They are serving MOET Champain non stop..  What do I drink?  Glasses of water.  HAHAHAHHA  I did not touch the food too.  But a snack, a small break with salmon paste.  I know I know… but I am hungry.  

Day 2, Dinner:   Another pear, but not so sweet.  Broccoli and tomato egg soup.  Oh well, that is my dinner.  粗茶淡饭。

IMG 1491 

Day 2.  Diary.

IMG 1496


1.  Urine is very yellowish.  Yenni say OK.  It is due to supplement I took.

2.  This morning, my body wakes me up 5am.  But my eye lid was very tired.  refuse to open.  Wait now, I slept 9:30pm.  So, what happen ah?  Let’s monitor it.

3.  Feel hungry around 6pm.  Interesting… last time I skipped meal, nothing wrong… never felt hungry… now, I eat and I felt hungry… let’s monitor it too.

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