Kay Swimming

Date:  Sep 21, 2012

Let’s talk about Kay Kay today.

You remember this short movie about Kay Kay swimming having fun in the pool.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/njyDoG44Irk&amp

While the little boy you show in the short movie above has grown up to a 3 years old young boy.


The 3 years old Kay Kay still love the pool so much.  But one thing has changed, he actually is “scared” of the water.  Not sure starting from when, he is scared of swimming.  So, that means, he does not want to leave his body floating in the water.  He also hates putting his head under the water.  I guess this is natural.  When he grew up, he slowly picks up the sense of danger.  Just like spider man.  🙂


So, in order to make him slowly get used to the water or swimming, we have slowly train him since many many weeks ago.

1.  Blow Bubbles under the Water

To do so, Kay has to put his mouth under the water.  Not his head, not his nose.  Only the mouth.  Then, start blowing bubble in the water.


This is a closer look under the water.  See the bubble blown out from his mouth?


He has been doing this for half a year.


The aim is to slowly get him used to blowing the bubbles into the water.


 Take a look at the below demonstration from Kay Kay himself on how to blow bubbles under the water.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/3m98oMtCiys&amp

2.  Kick Your Legs In the Water

Lie your body at the pool edge.  Then, start kicking the water.


The more splash you kick the better.


 The faster you kick the better.


The higher the splash you kick the better.  This is to prepare him for kicking the water next time.  It should then become a natural reflex.


 Again, we let Kay Kay teach you how to do so.  Make it as fun it can be.  

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/fNRvG3Zl_EU&amp

 So, today, he has been playing and learning.  Then, suddenly, his fall down int he water, and he swallow some water, and start coughing.  But then, he back into the laughing mode.  So, our more than 1/2 year efforts is stating to show result.  So, I am sure another 1 year, he will be very comfortable with water.  And willing to take the swimming lesson.   Teaching Kay Kay needs to be extremely patient.  Once he got it, he will get it.  🙂

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