iPhone 5

Date:  Sep 23, 2012

A lot of people asked me what do I think about iPhone 5.


Actually, this is a very difficult question to answer as of today. 

Because Apple have done things so differently.  Why?  Let me give you a few example to think about.  And then we come back to answer how do I like my iPhone 5?


Let’s talk about TV.

There are two main thing about TV.

1.  TV set.  LCD Vs Plasma. 

2.  TV programs.  i.e. Starhub or MIO.

If you think about it… all you care is the content.  Whether Starhub delivers better content or MIO delivers the best?  If you like Starhub, you will watch it on LCD or Plasma.

Microsoft OS

OK, before MacOS become famous.  We have Microsoft OS.  The OS is always a constant.

So, if today I bought an IBM and compare it with HP.  Which one I will like?  Of course I like the one that has most powerful processor, and the one with more RAM.  Because it is faster.

Microsoft OS Vs Mac OS

Now, Let’s put Mac OS into the competition.

Which one you like?

I like Mac OS, as it is stable, fast to boot up, seldom slow down, and almost virus free.

So, I picked over the Mac OS.

But then, does it matter if I run in on 2010 iMac or 2011 iMac or 2012 iMac?  

If budget allows, of course I wish I can change a desktop every year.  But if no budget, I can bear with 2010 iMac for many years. 

As the Mac OS run the same stable, may not be fast, but will not slow down and almost virus free.

iMac Vs MacBook Air

Can not compare like this.  

Because each of its own needs.  Macbook Air is laptop and it is mostly for portability.

ah-ha… So, this is like iPhone Vs.  iPod touch Vs. iPad.  

Windows 7 Vs. Windows Vista

Of course not all new OS is good OS.  Vista is so badly written that most of the people willing to wait for 2 years and skipped to Windows 7.

So as long as you don’t screw up, people most likely will upgrade to new OS.


IOS 5 Vs. IOS 6

We all have faith with Apple.  So, we know new IOS will always be better than older IOS.


iPhone 5

So, now, let’s go back to the iPhone 5.  Do I like iPhone 5?

YES.  Because it is lighter.  If you use iPhone 3GS and you know the pain when you change to iPhone 4/4S.  The weight increased by a lot.  And it is not a joke carrying a brick around.  So, when the weight come down, it is always welcome.

YES.  Because it has a better camera.  The night, low light condition photo shot is much more better.  I like it.  The reason why I changed my iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 and then to iPhone 4S is because of the camera.  If you do not notice it, iPhone is the most used portable camera in the world now.  The main reason to that is the camera comes with connectivity.  You can sure your photo instantly.

YES.  Because it is faster.  If you can afford it, then change it.  Every one likes newer things.  Like my OSIM massage chair, if I got additional 6K lying there doing nothing, I want to change to the newest one that come with Bluetooth feature.  If I have extra 4-5K, I would want to change my 55″ TV to 60″. For the same amount, I can change to a much slicker TV like Samsung Smart TV.  The processor A6 chip is faster, and the memory is bigger.

YES.  Because the LTE is fast.  OK.  Of course this is just a beginning.  Wait until you see 60K more people own LTE devices and the LTE starts to break down and getting slow.  But by right, we are still happy.  Because, the bandwidth required by Apps let say is constant.  If LTE can provided bigger bandwidth to download or upload, the surfing experience or Internet experience should be quite OK.  I am using SingTel.  

YES.  A longer screen is all right!  Although the screen increase a little.  But the usability increases.  I like that.

The Lightning connector does not bitter me.  The batter life seems increase a little bit.

But, only 1 day before iPhone 5 released, I installed the new IOS 6 on my iPhone 4S, and I already fall in love with IOS 6.  If I do not have budget, I think I will stick with iPhone 4S + IOS 6 with no problem at all.  The IOS 6 is quite good.   Especially when it comes with Panorama, FaceTime over 3G features.  I know a lot of people hate the map, but to me, it is OK.  So, it is like TV set, once you like the content, no matter what TV is that, you are OK with it.

Most important thing, the cloud integration is good, and it is what I called “Stupidly simple” to use.  I gave it to my in laws, and they can use it right away and you seldom need to give them any technical support.  🙂











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