Cut Your Micro Sim Card into Nano Sim Card

Date:  Sep 21, 2012

Today is the first day of iPhone 5 launch worldwide.
Of course I bought an iPhone 5 for my wife.
But how is she going to use the new iPhone 5 without a nano SIM card?
Solution is obvious!
Cut your own!
Step 1.  Goto the following website and print a full size of this PDF file.
It looks like this…
Step 2.  Take your mini sim or micro sim and properly align on the instruction sheet you just printed out.  And you draw lines according to the line guides there.
Actually it’s pretty easy.  As you just cut according to the line you have drawn.
Step 3.  Slowly trying to fit the nano SIM card in the SIM card tray.  And try to see how to perfect the cutting.
If the edges does not fit, slowly, firmly and steadily cut the SIM card carefully, until the 4 sides including the incline side fits in.
Step 4.  You can use fingernail polisher, or filer to sand the back surface to thinner.  The nano sim is actually thinner than the micro sim.  This step is very important as you do not want to allow your self cut nano SIM card stuck inside the iPhone SIM card tray.
Keep sanding it.  Make it thinner and thinner, until it fits in the SIM card tray with the surface aligned with the SIM card tray.  It has to be flat and same thickness.
Btw, what i have just shown you above are practise session, where you use a unuse sim card to do the praticing.
Starhub one got few kinds of SIM card.  All should work just fine.  So, after practice, and gain the confident, we start to do the real thing.
When you close the SIM card tray, make sure you do not feel there is any unusual heights or higher part here and there.  If you are confident about it, just close the tray.
And bingo!  It worked!  See the Starhub signal.  Yeah!
You can save $$ from those unreasonable muti-sim charges.  Taking a mini SIM card is actually cheaper than taking nano or micro sim.  :). 
If your contract have not finished, and you can bear with 3G, you can cut your sim too.
Good luck!

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