Kite Outing at West Coast Park

Date:  Sep 8, 2012

Today and tomorrow is Kite Festival day.  There is a kite event down town at the Marina Bay Promenade.  To support this event, we fly kites!  Not necessary at the Marina Bay there, because it will be jammed packed (traffic jam, car park jam, and kite jam).  Two years ago, we lost my favourite Doggy kite at Marina Bay Promenade there…

Si-beh Pattern, these boys.  


IMG 1266

We got two new kites today.  One is the Angry Bird kite.

IMG 1244

And the other is the butterfly kite.  (Thanks Kay Kay for holding the kite for me!  I know it is taller than you!)

IMG 1251

So, how do we do this time?  It is windless day.  That means, no wind, very hard to fly kite.  No wonder not many people fly kite at 5PM.

Jay Jay was having lots of fun running with the kite flying.  hahaha I think we should do this often.  Then, can bring down his weight.


After many tries… we finally got one kite flying up in the sky high! 


By the way, West Coast Park is a fun place for kids to go.  Adults also play a lot of sports here.

Such as these Indians who is playing beach volleyballs.  They are pretty good.

IMG 1264

When you are tired, you can sit down and watch the sea.

IMG 1260

Or, look into the sky.

IMG 1265

We brought the boys bicycle along.  

IMG 1236

And Jay Jay should be by now more comfortable with the bicycle already.

IMG 1237

 Jay Jay cycling on the grass.

But I think he is OK.  The balancing is OK too.


The boys are happily cycling chasing each other.  Next project is to make Kay Kay on pedals.  HaHaHaHaHa May be 2 years later?


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