Sea Trek @ Cebu

Date:  Sep 7, 2012

Time:  9:15AM

Shuttle to Airport:  10:30AM

So, I have about 1 hour to do something that I wanted to do.  My friend Rose, done it in Bali and I think it is fun.  And they offer this in the Shangri-La Sea Sport Centre.  


I had never dive before.  The excuse is I am wearing glasses, and I don’t like the feeling of seeing things blur.  The real reason is I always think that water will kill me. HaHaHaHa

So, welcome to the Sea Trek (sounds like Star Trek).


That is where I am going to walk at the sea bed below that Sea Trek boat.  Lots of cloud, but it should be clear enough.


I am going to wear this helmet.  It weight about 40KG each.  Wow… 40KG.


Let’s meet the staff who is going thru the explanation of how it works.


This is the helmet guide.  Who is going to go down with me into the water.


This is the diving instructor.  He too… kepo, wanted to dive down too.  And he is a lot of action one.  But his underwater camera skill is good!  


Oh ya… when you do this kind of sport don’t forget to bring your underwater camera along.  I had to borrow my son’s camera.

Me:  “Jay Jay, papa borrow your camera, ok?”

Jay:  “But papa, I need to use the camera during Teacher’s day.”

Me:  “Nope, I am bringing it to Cebu.”

Jay:  “Why?”

Me:  “Because I am your father.  Wahahahahahahaha”


Instructor explained why need to equalise the pressure.


Going thru all sort of safety tips.  Hand signal.  Aiya, once you are in there, all you can do is smiling, and any how give hand signal.


Here is another look of the 40G underwater helmet.  It tied to the tube and get the air from the oxygen tank.  It is 51% oxygen and 49% nitrogen.


And yipee!  I am down in the water.  Hey look, fish!


See!  I am wearing my glasses underwater.  And I have my hair nicely combed.

Oh ya… Just in case, please check your watch, how deep they can go, before you really go down the sea.  🙂

And I have to use my hand to hold the helmet, as it tries to float up.


Wow… Lot’s of fish.


Hey, it’s Nemo.


Great shot.  Nemo hiding.


They said, it’s like Moon Walking.  Not easy.  Because, I think I am too light.  Every step, I need to force my leg to touch the ground.  and Hey, where is that 40KG thingy again?  It is like 1KG weight in the water.


Oh… That’s Nemo again.


More fishes.


Is that Dory?


Opps!  I forgot that he can take video of me.  So, I used my complicated hand language to ask him to take a video.  See below.  Wow… I was fun!


Then, they asked me to sit on the turtle.


This is definitely not Space Walking.  He himself need to walk like using a lot of efforts.


From time to time, water can come into your helmet, simply lift the helmet a bit up, and the water will just cleared away.

This is the air ventilation at the back of the helmet.


It’s fun!  Today, no fish biting me.


OK!  It’s time to go up.  Bye Nemo, bye Dory.


And we are back up into the boat.  It was a very memorable sweet 15 minutes walk under the sea.  It is a wonderful feeling.


I checked.  Minimum age is 8 years old.  So, Jay Jay, sorry, I guess we have to wait until you are larger a bit then, you can have fun under water.  🙂

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