ACC @ Cebu

Date:  Sep 7, 2012

This is my third year in Cebu attending the Asia Carriers Conference.  Here are some of the things that worth mentioned… It is still held at Shang-ri La Hotel in Mactan.

Look to the left, still the same.

IMG 1085

Look to the right, also the same.

IMG 1086

This time, I stayed at the Ocean Wing.  Great views of the sea and the pool.

IMG 1083

PCCW has sponsor and charted a boat trip.  It rains after we sailed out.  So, not much of the sunset we can catch.  But the boat is nice (the one behind)!

IMG 1088

The Chinese restaurant has changed hand, change name.  I went there and then I felt in love with it.  So, this is the first time I had not eaten any food provided free from the conference (except for the breakfast).  So, almost every dinner and lunch, I spent my time here at the Chinese Restaurant.

The call the Groupe as Lapu Lapu in Cebu.  And the way how this restaurant cook, it is excellent!  The light soya sauce is sweet and tasty.  We ordered this at least few times.

IMG 1100

The Sea Bass is also killing me.  Across the few meal in this restaurant, we ordered different flavour.  I doubt that what I have eaten is Sea Bass.  It taste like 鳕鱼.  Especially this 红烧鳕鱼.  We ordered 4 plates of the same thing in my last outing there.  The sea food was very good.

IMG 1139

OK.  We also had great time at the Lobby Bar.

First night, two bottles of Grenmorigie 18 years.  Then come the next day.  A 2001 Chateau Pichon Longueville.  This is one of the nicest red wine I had ever tasted.  Very easy going, a bit of oak, and fruity.  I had 2006 and 2007 before during the last Wine for Asia conventions.  

IMG 1106

Then, since it run out of Chateau Pichon, I asked for a same range wine, they recommend this 2004 Chateau Margaux.  It is a bit strong, very fruity with tannin.  It will go nice with meat.  🙂  This bottle cost me a bomb.  But the feeling was nice.  I slept thru the night till morning, and no headache.  hahaha

IMG 1108

The only night we dine out is this Anton’s at the Cebu Yacht Club.

IMG 1119

There are a lot of such huts.

IMG 1118

It is on top of the sea.

IMG 1117

The food is so so only.  The Lapu Lapu soya sauce is a bit too salty.  The fish is too big, and a bit old.  The meat is a bit tough.

IMG 1120

Lobster is OK.

IMG 1121

The shell is a bit tasteless.  So, you can see, we make no mistake and eat in our favourite restaurant every day after eating this.  hahaha

IMG 1123

Every year, I run.  But this year, I run 2Km lesser.  It is the first time it offers 3K run.  HaHaHaHa and I can sure see a lot of people actually did the same thing, choose the 3K run.

IMG 1145

A bunch of tired runners.

IMG 1125

Managed to went for a swim on Thursday.  When I try to swim to the platform, something bite my hand, my legs, etc.  See the 3 holes of a fish bite?


I suspect is this fish.  A white puffer fish.


But the life guard say is this “Sergeant Major”.  Who bite my hand.


And the last day, before my flight, I managed to squeeze 1 hour of my time to do this!


HaHaHaHa… Stay tune for the Sea Trek blog entry, coming up soon.

Overall, the conferences went well, all the meetings went smoothly.  See you next year!  And I might bring the kids when they get older.  There are a lot of fun activities that they can do here.  

IMG 1136

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