Reading Rods

Date:  Aug 15, 2012

I was shopping for my son’s birthday goodie bags at Centerpoint, and I found this shop selling interesting and educational toys.

I found this “Reading Rods” and I think it will be useful for Jay Jay to learn about new words.  He already study phonics at the pre-school, but they only focus on word but not a whole series of word ending with a certain phonics sound.  

IMG 0262

According to the store keeper, he said that a lot of teachers and enrichment centres actually uses this.

It is a bunch of phonics cubes.

IMG 0257

And you suppose to forms the words by combining the cubes together.

IMG 0258

So, you found a “w” and you found a “ash”, and you combine both together is a WASH!  So, I teach my boy what is ASH, then follow by adding a W in front to become a WASH.  So, WASH the ASH away!

IMG 0259

Here is Wind.  “Ind” does not mean anything… 

IMG 0260

And take the “W” off and change it to a “M”, it become “MIND”.  

IMG 0261

I think this is a good tool for parents so that you can teach the kid how to spell too.

There is a whole lot of series there.  So, I choose the GRADE 1 Reading Rods first.  It has a set of 90 cubes of common phonics inside.  

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