Kay Kay is 3 Years Old!

Date:  Aug 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Kay Kay!

IMG 3253Sometimes last year, Kay Kay no longer “very fond” of Mickey Mouse.  He grew up a little bit, and start to like “Thomas & Friends”.  And especially, he likes that arrogant number 4 Gordon.  Because Gordon is the fastest engine on Island of Sodor.  So, few weeks before, Jay Jay has already designing the cake together with mommy.  And after describing the layout, the details, providing the photos, Estee gave us the design draft.

IMG 0149

So, on the island of sodor, there are a train track, 3 light houses, 1 windmill, and James, Hiro and Gordon.  Of course, the name plate is very important and he is 3 years old now. 

IMG 3175

Thanks Jay Jay for designing the train.  You get to blow my candles.  Yeah!

IMG 3217

The kids always enjoys the party we gave them at school, as they can celebrate with the teachers with great cakes that they will remember.

IMG 3181

Even the brother enjoys being there.  Well, this is Jay’s last year at Lorna Whiston (K2).  So, next year, he will be going into Pei Tong.

IMG 3184

I think when the kids grow up and they look back to these kindergarden days birthday, they knew they have enjoyed these party very much.

IMG 3209

I don’t think Kay remembered his Mickey Mouse cake last year, but I think he definitely will remember this one.  As he is busy describing the cake to his brother.

IMG 3249

Kay said, papa papa, look, I eaten my K.

IMG 3289

The kids simply amazed with the party tissue, and they want to bring it home.

IMG 3295

Every kids in N1 have a plate of cake.

IMG 3301

Look what’s on Kay Kay’s plate.  He gets to eat his name, the light house, and the number 3.

IMG 3276

A bit shy shy giving presents to NaNa.

IMG 3309

We took a lot a lot of photos on that day.

IMG 0485

Jay Jay was very happy to be there.

IMG 0512

Kay says Thanks Ko Ko for coming.

IMG 0494

Kay Kay’s classmate.

IMG 0484

Kay’s Chinese form teacher – Li Lao-Shi gave Kay Kay a present.

IMG 0498

OK.  You may kiss me.

IMG 0501

What about me?  Kay’s English form teacher – Miss Melissa says, I want a kiss too.  I also pay for the present.

IMG 3267

Of course, after the birthday celebration in school, we bring both the kids home.  So that they can spent time together on Kay’s birthday.

IMG 3311

Kay was so happy, and running here and there.

IMG 3318

So, first stop is Vivocity.  

IMG 3320

We get to sit in the mini train ride.

IMG 0517

It’s a real train ride (without tracks).

IMG 0532

The kids are happy.  They never thought that there are a steam train in Singapore.  (not exactly steamy train)

IMG 0530

Then, it is a nice 2 hours quality time spent in SingKids.

IMG 3373

I got a big balloon.

IMG 3398


IMG 3401

The two brothers are having so much fun on this day.

IMG 3414

We told Jay Jay, when you go into P1 next year, may be there is no longer so much time we can spent on playing ground.  He understood.

IMG 3430

Jump up and down.

IMG 3446

and down and up…

IMG 3447

and up and down…

IMG 3448

and down and up…

IMG 3450

Ahhh… Very tired….

IMG 3463

OK!  Who is this young lady here?  Did mommy gets her number, address?


IMG 3470

Oh… it’s just 路人甲…

IMG 3471

Later… We end up eating Fish & Chips, Oysters, Sashimi at Greenwood Seafood Bristro.

IMG 0564

Of course Jay Jay enjoys it.  

IMG 0559

Because all the Oysters are $1 per Oyster on Tuesday.  We end up ordered … 42 pieces of Oysters.

IMG 0575

Not to forget the seafood paella.

IMG 0573

And the great fresh sashimi.

IMG 0567

And two bottles of Sancerre for the mom and dad… very tired after organising the whole day of birthday event.

IMG 0570

It’s good that baby Justin can join us.  But he simply too tired after their car stuck in the traffic jam for long.  But don’t worry, there are nice long sofa bench for him to take a quick nap.

IMG 0576

While the mommys were busy talking…

IMG 0579

And Happy Birthday to Kay Kay again!  by the way, its “Kay” not “Key”.  hahaha And Kay Kay gets to blow another candle again!

IMG 0580

That’s how we end Kay Kay’s third year birthday.  I bought him a Tomika multi-storey car park for him this year. 



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