SmallBlog – Jay and His Macro Keyboard

Date: Jun 29, 2021

Can you guess what is this? He has spent 1-2 weeks designing this. From 6-keys now expanded to 18-keys. He has 3D printed multiple prototypes. And he dismantled a used keyboard and grab all the mechanical and electrical parts, using microcontroller to make this.

Let’s see what it does…

Oh, when you press the first key, it is programmed to auto-type a string of key strokes. i.e. his password to unlock his Macbook Pro. That is cool. It is coded using Python. It is fun to see this when it is so interesting. So, he also program the second key to key in his Google account password for his Google classroom app.

It is very crude, but he is habing lots of fun and creativity to design this. Wahahaha.

I also him what else he can use this for? He said, can program a mute button too. For his video conference. hahaha

Good job Jay!

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